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Grameen Phone Essay

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The following sample essay on Grameen Phone discusses it in detail, offering basic facts and pros and cons associated with it. To read the essay’s introduction, body and conclusion, scroll down.

Skilled and qualified work force can ensure better standard of products, services and organizational performance. And the quality of this workforce Is solely dependent on the recruitment process. Only a comprehensive and fair recruitment process can ensure the inclusion of the best options to the organization Gramophone ,being the leading telecommunication brand in Bangladesh, carries an extensive and multi dimensional recruitment process to ensure premium standard of human resource.

With an attempt to finding the best individuals, Gramophone conducts a multi- leveled recruitment procedure. At different levels of this process different aspects and dimensions of the individuals behavior and knowledge is assessed. The whole assessment system comprises of steps like: Initial screening , written test, interview etc. And all these steps are intended to Analyze the candidates on the basis of Experience, Exposure and Education ,generally known as the sees. Thus the recruitment process of GAP Is designed to evaluate a candidate basing not only on his academic credentials but also on his behavioral and psychological aspects.

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And The highly experienced selection panel and extremely transparent assessment process enables Gramophone rightly to do so and provide GAP with the best work force available Thus the fastidious and inclusive nature of Gasp recruitment has helped it become unique and probably The best in this sector. And subsequently enabled GAP to sustain the standard of work force to the highest degree . Introduction to gramophone: Gramophone started its journey in Bangladesh as a joint venture of telethon and Grahame telecoms corporation on 26th march, 1997.

Grameen Phone App

Since Its inception it created a rand value In the mind of the customers through premium product quality, extensive network faceless and customer oriented services and thus It was able to establish Itself as the leading telecommunication company In Bangladesh. Besides conventional services its wide range of exclusive and innovative customer services like Byplay, Cellarer, Mobility helped it to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors. In its tenure of 16 years it has created over 16 million customers to become the largest telecommunication brand in Bangladesh.

And it has succeeded to establish it as a glowing Image of sensibility. Reliability and trust. Why are we choosing gap: Among several other organizations/brands, it has succeeded to differentiate itself from the others through professionalism, sincerity, reliability, transparency etc in its recruitment process. Through its comprehensive recruitment procedure, it has succeeded to filtrate the most talented and skilled brains of the country over the years. Thus with the help of latest technologies, extensive consumer analysis, Impeccable product and service quality and most of all a wide range of the most qualified professionals, technicians. Employees and service providers, has enabled setting the recruitment process of GAP will certainly unravel the recipe of flawless recruitment Scope of study: Recruitment process of GAP: Over the years gramophone has succeeded to maintain it’s impeccable standard of human resource. And the thing that has helped gramophone to maintain such standard in the field of human resource is it’s flawless and comprehensive recruitment process. Through it’s multi dimensional recruiting process GAP has succeeded to filtrate the most talented and skilled individuals of the country.

GAP has a standard recruiting process consisting of multiple steps and levels. Which helps to analyze each candidate’s aptitude,effectiveness and skills. Then Human resource department evaluates each candidate basing on the results and documents of their performance on each level. And thus by analyzing all the aspects they select the best candidates. The pros and corns of the Recruitment process of GAP is described below: Classification of recruitment: Generally GAP goes for two kinds of recruitment basing on their demands and requirements. Hey are 1 . Lanterns recruitment. 2. External recruitment. Internal recruitment: When a company fills up vacancies with it’s own manpower hen it is referred as internal recruitment. In case of internal recruiting internal recruiting existing employees are informed about vacancies through the official medias and links. And afterwards qualified and able candidates are either promoted or replaced to the vacant place on the basis of their qualifications and existing performance.

External recruitment: External recruitment is the recruitment process where an organization fills up it’s vacancies by recruiting people from external sources. External recruitment is more complex in nature and requires more effort and budget. Steps of recruitment: Once a vacancy is created GAP goes through a standardized and structured recruitment process. Len these steps different dimensions of the candidates physical and mental faculty of the candidate is Judged as per the Job requirement. He steps of the recruitment are: Identifying the need to recruit Advertisement Initial screening The written test The interview Candidate Assessment The medical test Appointment and orientation model) Identifying the need to recruit: Recruitment budget (same baa Identifying vacancy is the first step of recruitment process. A vacancy is created mainly due to two reasons. Hey are:l . Resignation and 2. Business growth. Irrespective of the reason, the information of vacancy is intimidated to the Human resource department by the concerned department.

Then human HER defines the requirements basing on the Job nature and functions. Len case of new role they define up a detailed list of tasks that the person will have to do. This helps in determining the qualities and qualification genuinely required the Job. 2. Bib description:Next they produce an outline of the broad responsibilities(rather than detailed task) involved in the Job. 3. Person specification:then the decide what kills,experience,qualification and attributes someone will need to do the Job as defined in the task analysis and Job description. Hush in the first step of the recruitment process of GAP, they find out the vacancy,the position of the Job,required qualifications of the Job,Job description,and the personality traits desired determining the recruitment budget: upon request from the concerned department,the HER department makes an estimated budget. Finance and account department also takes part in this process. Thus a budget plan is determined and sanctioned upon the approval of higher authority. Advertisement: In this step GAP(HER department) advertises the vacancies to inform eligible candidates. Len this respect GAP is slightly non traditional in the perspective of Bangladesh.

GAP uses internet as it’s only major medium of advertisement. Len these advertisements ,the Job qualifications are properly mentioned with some other necessary information to limit the number of applicants as well as to find the best candidates for the Job. Besides,the ads give a brief description of the Job along with the programs etc. Thus the advertisements provide the candidates with clear conception about the Job and it’s particulars. Initial screening: Upon receiving the C.v.,the initial screening takes place. GAP(HER Department) shortlists the number of candidates based upon the information provided in the applications. N this step HER conducts the screening basing on two set of criteria. They are:written criteria and unwritten criteria. Written criteria encircles the requirements that are mentioned in the advertisements. Elf HER fails to fails to minimize the number of candidates basing on the written criteria, then they go for unwritten institutions,work experience etc. Written examination: the candidates passing through the initial screening possess are hen called for a written examination(not always). This test is to evaluate Job knowledge,communication skills,analytical aptitude and mental promptness of the candidates.

The interview :A panel of managers takes the interview of the candidates who have passed the written test. The panel generally have managers from HER and the concerned department. These well structured interviews focus on required competencies for the particular post. These interviews are designed to solicit information from a person’s response to oral inquiries. Apart from Judging the educational and theoretical knowledge of the candidates,these interviews are features like leadership,honesty,presence of mind are verified through skillful questioning.

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