Grace and Glorie Play Review

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The production Grace and Glorie was a variation from the odd couple play base.It shows that even though someone may not need help from someone, the help may come unexpectedly. Grace and Gloria end up helping each other at a time when they are both facing tragedies in their life. Grace Stiles was a ninety year old southern woman who is living with cancer.She lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of West Virginia, where the story takes place. Grace’s illness was gradually getting worse and there was nothing that could be done to cure it so she went home to live the rest of her life.

Hospice, a special concept of care that was designed to help people with increasing illness, sent Gloria Whitman to take care of Grace.

Gloria was a graduate of Harvard and a former power management consultant from Manhattan. She moved to Virginia because her husband had joined a power law firm and the move was also an attempt to get over the death of her twelve year old son.

Grace does not need any help to cope with death.She released herself from the hospital and refused to take any pain medication because she “wants to be awake to meet death.”The one who really needed the help was not Grace, but it was Gloria. It is not until Gloria resigns from Hospice and goes back to Grace’s cottage when we start to see the compassion and love that is at the heart of everyone at Hospice.

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In the play, Grace urges Gloria to read aloud from a Hospice pamphlet titled the Signs and Symbols of approaching death. This pamphlet just explained what happens to the people as they are dying. After reading, the information that was read pertained to both Grace and Gloria.Grace and Gloria looked at each other after reading the pamphlet and realized what kind of roles they were going to play to each other. This play was dramatic but very uplifting.

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