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California Gold Rush Essay Analysis Paper

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The California Gold Rush was one of the most important events in the 19th century.Without it America would not be as populated and economically strong as it is today.The California Gold Rush brought many foreigners into the United States and triggered migration to the Western Coast.The California Gold Rush taught people that failure was okay and made people take risks.The California Gold Rush was the Las Vegas of the 19th century.The California Gold Rush blew the United States economy sky high and gave America a very useful and attractive resource.
The California Gold Rush started at John Sutter's Mill in the beginning of 1848."Thefirst gold, discovered in January, 1848. Now if Mrs. Wimmer California Gold Rush possesses a piece which has been found earlier than mine Mr. Marshall can tell, as it was probably received from him. I think Mr. Marshall could have hardly known himself, which was exactly thefirst little piece, among the whole." As soon as thefirst piece was discovered the word spread and many within the area joined.Within time many people came from many different places within and outside the United States.
People came to California to escape poverty, become rich, to cover their debts, and to try to go into early retirement.Many Argonautswere left by their spouses for going to California and were criticized by many for not helping their family.From 1848 to 1852 California's population grew from 14,000 to 223,856 .The spread of "Gold Fever"was extremely rapid due to the fact that the United States had just won the Mexican War.The press (media) also had a big part in the California Gold Rush because it made people believe that every single gold digger that came to California would become a millionaire in no time and with very little effort.The news spread outside of the United States and soon immigrants started coming from countries such as China, Chili, M…

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