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Glorious Revolution Essay

The different ways which people translate or view varies important documents; for
example, the Constitution, can usually change the lives of many or even cause clashes
between the states.Both Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglas has their own strong
opinion when it comes to the issue of slavery. At the time of Lincoln's presidency, the
sole purpose of him was to keep the country intact, therefore, he has to deal with slavery
in a much more less extreme way when compared to Frederick Douglas, because he has
to please "everyone". From Douglas' Independence Day Speech, anyone can see that he
held much grudge toward the US constitution, nevertheless, he still believes if correctly
interpreted, the Constitution may help with the abolishing of slavery.
According to Douglas, the very people who drew up the Constitution believe in
the fact that all men were created equal. Hence, there should be no differences between
African-American and the "White-Americans". Therefore, the practice of slavery is not
only against morality, it's also unconstitutional. Due to the fact slavery is made
unconstitional by the Constitution, it makes the document itself the most glorious
document ever. Ultimately, what Douglas want is the total abolishment of slavery, and
he's not afraid to be blunt about it.
In the case of Lincoln, he has to approach slavery in a much more subtle manner
because he knew if he express his views un-clearly or cast the slightest impression of
support or against slavery, he may very well lead the country into a civil war, therefore,
making himself the person to blame. And from Lincoln's statement, anyone can clearly
see that he believes the Constitution is there to keep the nation in order and united. Thus,
the interpretation of Constitition regarding slavery can be flexible as long as it's for the
best of the country. Nevertheless, despit…

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