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Global Warming Research Paper Paper

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The folllowing sample essay on Global Warming Research Paper discusses it in detail, offering basic facts and pros and cons associated with it. To read the essay’s introduction, body and conclusion, scroll down.

The adult started talking about Global Warming, he kids didn’t know what he was talking about, so he fast forward the time and showed them what the earth is going to look like when they are his age. That tow grow up kids were arguing who over heat the car in an island surrounding by water. The island that they lived in is barren and desert. There were no trees or other animals. Their feet were burning from standing on the hot ground. They could not go into the water because the water was boiling. This was my first encounter with Global Warming. But after a while the topic got dropped and I have not heard much about Global Warming.

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Many people eke me think Global Warming was just a joke; it was not a big deal. Jointly recently watched the movie “An Inconvenient Truth”, I realized that Global Warming is still exist and it seemed getting worst. I did many researches and talked to my Biology teacher about it, I finally accepted that Global Warming is real and it is threatening our lives on Earth. As we can see that Global Warming is threatening our every day life by the increasing the earth temperature, over range hurricanes, and deadly diseases, we must take action today to stop Global Warming and save our children..

Thesis About Global Warming

One of the signs f Global Warming is the constantly changed weather. Global warming occurs when the levels of greenhouse gases rise and less infrared light, or heat, escapes the earth’s atmosphere. Thus, the temperature experienced on Earth begins to rise. We all know that our summer is getting hotter and longer. Over the last hundred years, the global temperatures have been increasing slowly, but steadily. Since 1980, the average global temperature has risen 0. 2 degrees Celsius (0. 4 degrees Fahrenheit) each decade. The most direct effects of current climate change are on temperature and precipitation patterns.

As of 2006, all eight of the hottest years ever recorded were from the last 10 years. Global warming is a crisis of human perception in competition with natural cycles, which we have ignored for far too long. Scientist predict that if we continue putting the same amount of green house gases into the atmosphere, that by the year 2030 the temperature will be rising as much as 0. 5 degrees or more per decade. Overall, the global temperature could rise anywhere from 5 to 9 degrees over the next fifty years. If the temperatures do rise, as predicted, several things could happen.

The increase of imperative could alter the growth of crops in areas near the equator due to insufficient rain and heat The loss of the ability to grow crops would inflict serious economic damages to industrialized, third world countries that rely on agriculture as a major source income. We need to sensitive to all the changes around us, and recognize the problems. With the high temperatures polar ice caps would melt and cause the sea level rise 1 to 3 feet. This would destroy small islands, coastal cities and some shallow rivers. The Florida Everglades, and costal cities, such as New York City and Miami would be stored.

As this warming continues, established weather systems will shift and become more extreme, resulting in both more droughts and floods. As sea surface temperature rises, weather-disturbing El Onion events will become more frequent and powerful. Meanwhile, larger, more severe hurricanes, which feed on the heat of ocean waters, will threaten coasts. This trend may already be visible: the last two decades have seen a sharp increase both in the frequency and power of hurricanes. Shifts in temperature and precipitation will be a shock to fragile ecosystems which depend on specific climatic conditions.

Many species will be unable to adapt as fast as their environment changes and face sharply reduced numbers or extinction. Scientists estimate that a warming of just 2 degree will put as many as 30% of the world’s species at risk of extinction. Plants and animals aren’t the only ones feeling the pressure of changing ecosystems. Many regions will face severe water shortages in a warmer world, creating the potential for conflict. It is believed that the genocide in Sedan’s Durbar region is at least in part a response to water shortages resulting from global warming.

We need to find out what cause Global Warming. From the scientists research results, we can see that carbon dioxide pollution from the increase of industry and transportation is a major cause of global warming. These two causes are connected with the growth in the world population. As the population grows the necessity for food and other products increase, therefore industry must grow to keep up with the demand. The increase in transportation is directly due to the growing population and the need for jobs and the growing congestion on our highways.

The over loaded carbon dioxide trapped in the atmosphere like a warm blanket held the heat from lease to the space. Climate change is a part of the Earth’s history. There have been dramatic fluctuations in overall average temperature for the past 1 50,000 years that suggest a direct association with carbon dioxide levels. In the past the temperature highs and lows have been in tandem with carbon dioxide level highs and lows, this does not seem to be a mere coincidence. Carbon dioxide currently accounts for 0. Off the gas content within the atmosphere.

However, it has a disproportionate impact on the earth’s temperature. Thus, minor fluctuations in the percentage of atmospheric carbon dioxide will likely have a significant effect on the global temperature. The percentage of atmospheric carbon dioxide has risen over the past century at an alarming rate. Carbon dioxide is put into the atmosphere in many ways. Industrial civilization is essentially driven by fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and gasoline all major contributors to the raise in carbon dioxide emissions. Another cause in global warming is deforestation.

Deforestation also releases carbon dioxide via burning and exposing the soil to sunlight. Also, since trees are a major factor in the natural processing of carbon dioxide, needing it to make up their mass, when they are cut down they can o longer serve to absorb carbon dioxide. Trees remove carbon dioxide from the air as they grow. The carbon dioxide is released back into the air as they are cut and burned. The forest ability to reduce the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is decreasing rapidly due to massive deforestation of worlds rain forests.

These causes are fixable, but if they are not fixed, the Earth and its inhabitants will become victims of global warming. Climate change is arguably the greatest danger facing humanity in the years ahead. In many ways, its effects are already being felt and it is too late to reverent warming entirely. However, the situation is not without hope. Though urgent action is needed, through the combined efforts of governments, businesses, scientists, and individuals, it is still possible to Stop even greater tragedies and protect the health of our planet for future generations. We need to find the solutions to stop Global Warming.

People of the world should try to slow down the emission of man maid greenhouse gases and find ways to restore the natural balance so the climate does not change in an unnatural way. It is critical that we begin working together now to reduce global warming elution. Reduce carbon dioxide being release to the atmosphere is the major solution. The public debate over IS S. Policy to address climate change is intensifying. Congress and policymakers are now considering whether federal action or legislation is needed to reduce carbon dioxide (CO) and other GOGH emissions that trigger climate change.

No matter what path America chooses to address Sigh, success will require an aggressive and sustained commitment by the electric power industry and policymakers to the development and deployment of a wide range of technology options over a decade or more. There are many simple things we can do in our daily life to stop Global Warming such as plant a tree to protect the forest, recycle your papers, and save energy in our own home. Protecting forests is a big step on the road to curbing global warming.

Trees ‘breathe in” carbon dioxide, but slash-and-burn farming practices, intensive livestock production, and logging have destroyed 90 percent of the native forests in the United States. And you can take action in your own backyard -? planting shade trees around your house will absorb CO, and slash your summer air-conditioning bills. Reduce! Reuse! Recycle! Producing new paper, glass, and metal products from recycled materials saves 70 to 90 percent of the energy and pollution, including CO that would result if the product came from virgin materials.

Recycling a stack of newspapers only 4 feet high will save a good-sized tree. Please buy recycled products! Save energy is the easiest way to help stop Global Warming, and help us to save money. For example, if every household in American exchanged three standard light bulbs with three energy efficient compact florescent light bulbs (CAP), it would be the equivalent of taking 3. 5 million cars off the road. When you are ready to buy a ewe car, choose one that gets five more miles to the gallon than your current car.

Over time, buyers choosing more fuel efficient cars have the power to cut our nation’s global warming pollution by up to 10 percent. I believe global warming is a big threat to our nation and the world. Global Warming is threatening our every day life. We need to take action today to stop Global Warming, so we can breathe clean air, and have a better environment for our children to live. The future of earth’s climate is in the hands of humans. It seems to be that the human influence on the earth’s natural balance will only dead to our destruction.

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