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Glasgow University Essay

Glasgow was a small medieval and University City which did not start to expand intill the 17 century when trade became profitable in the west coast.By the 1870s Glasgow was a heavy industrial city and was becoming famous for its trade and industrial work.This bomb was attracting brilliant architects to come in work in Glasgow.
Glasgow became a Victorian city and it was confidence that inspired the builders and by good furture they were served by a group of architects of quite exceptional merit.It is their combined efforts which make Glasgow one of the worlds finest 19th century cities.
The Clyde is the ideal conference auditorium around which Foster and Partners designed their striking structure: swiftly dubbed the Armadillo, although often likened to Sydney Opera House. The design was described by the Royal Commission for Fine Arts as ‘inspired’ and the building has been appointed a Millennium Product by the Design Council.
While the external shells provide a talking point and a landmark for Glasgow, the real beauty of the building is the interior:
· Accommodation for 3000 – which can be adapted to smaller meetings whilst maintaining a sense of intimacy
· Breakout space in two central rooms within the Conference Centre and integrated with the rest of the venue and adjoining Moat House Hotel
· Technical facilities of the highest standard
· Adaptability for a wide range of events, from keynote speeches to product launches and concerts
Glasgow university is Victorian has become so familiar that it has won a sort of reluctant respect.The archetict George Gilbert Scott, the London architect commission by the senate to design the buildings the idea was epitomised by the medieval quadrangles of Oxford and Cambridge.Work began in the 1866 with a vast workforce of 340 masons, 400 joiners etc

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