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Give reasons for your answer showing that you have considered more than one point of view in your answer Paper

Do you agree or disagree? Give reasons for your answer showing that you have considered more than one point of view in your answer.This is a very difficult question to answer, as it is a very complex subject. The law in Britain disallows for euthanasia however it is legal for abortion to take place. Killing has always been seen as immoral. (Genesis 27) “Thou shalt not kill.”In the story of creation God built up the world in seven days. He made plants and animals to serve us. Its whole point is to show to us that we get life from God and that we must respect and be thankful for the gift we have been given.Despite this there are many occasions were people feel that euthanasia and abortion are necessary. Euthanasia is a gentle or easy death and is used to show compassion to those who are in incredible pain. E.g. Diane Pretty is a sufferer or motor neurone disease. She is currently fighting for the right for her husband to kill her without him getting imprisoned after wards. Since she caught the disease the condition of her life has deteriorated immensely. She is now in a wheelchair, her limbs do not work and she has to be fed through a tube. She is in a lot of pain however her intellectual abilities and he capacity to make decisions is unimpaired. This woman is an adult that should be allowed to make decisions for herself. It must be causing her much physical and mental distress the pain she is going through, waiting for the time when her lungs will collapse and she will suffocate to death.Euthanasia is an easier way out for her. She will be able to die with dignity and her family will no longer have to watch her suffer any longer. But if she was to use euthanasia legally it would path the way for others to do so as well, and could even lead on to involuntary euthanasia. It has occurred in the past that patients that have been written off by doctors have recovered fully. People when they are in a lot of pain make decision that they don’t really mean because they are not thinking straight. Many patients who would have decided to opt for euthanasia are relieved now that it wasn’t made legal because they are now living a better quality of life than they ever were. Some feel that the pain they went through made them stronger and a better person, as it was a time for them to reflect on the way that were living their life.For abortion- having a baby can be stressful, especially if it is an unwanted one. If there is a chance that having the baby would physically harm the mother then some believe that it is justifiable to terminate the baby’s life. However God does everything for a reason. It could be time for the mother to die and the baby to go and live a fruitful life. It can also be justified to have an abortion if the baby is going to be born seriously disabled, however Stephen Hawkin is an example of a man who has still managed to achieve great success despite his serious disability.If a woman was rapped and left pregnant it would be a very hard decision to keep the child. It wasn’t her fault for having an unwanted child, and it would be understandable for her to have an abortion. If the baby was spared its life then it could be left with living a life of resentment, but we also have to remember that it is not the baby’s fault as well.I have a very open minded opinion when it comes to euthanasia however I do not endorse it. I understand that being left in the situation were euthanasia is an option is very difficult and I would hate to be the one to make a decision concerning it. If someone who was close to me was ill, and dying was the only way of alleviating their pain and it was their definite choice then I would probably fight to help his or her cause. However I do believe that involuntary euthanasia is wrong and that it is the same as committing a murder no matter how much the person who has done it believes it to be an act of mercy.My opinion on abortion is much stronger. I believe abortion on demand is very wrong. Contraceptives are not hard to get and if those involved are thought responsible enough to have sex then they are also responsible enough to look after the child. Unfortunately this is not always the case. However there is another option of adoption. Many young parents who cannot have children would love an opportunity to raise a child and call it their own. This I believe is a much better decision. I do have more sympathy for girls who have been rapped and left pregnant but I believe that it would be better for the baby to be given up for adoption, as it was not the baby’s fault to begin with. I have reservations about babies who are endangering the life of the mother. I think a course of action should be taken up with doctors to decide what is best. If there was no chance of the baby living without the mother then abortion is ok as it is better to save one live than lose two.So to summarise my opinion I think that Euthanasia is more acceptable than abortion. As euthanasia is the taking of your own life, if the person is really so determined to die then I say let them and end their suffering. Abortion however is the taking of someone else’s life and is not acceptable but I do have reservations about it.

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