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Gandhi could probably be considered one of, if not, the most confusing man to ever walk the earth. His ideas were ingenious, but terribly improbable. He was a leader among leaders. It takes a man with great strength to lead a successful nation, but it takes a man with great heart, mind, and spirit to bring about nationalism. Gandhi was fortunate enough to have the second.

He lacked a political intelligence, and was therefore unaware of the consequences of living with Hindus and Muslims in the same area. His intentions were there, but his great plan was lacking some important issues, and it could therefore, not be carried out to the fullest extent. Gandhi was born a British citizen. He grew up having many of the “Old English” luxuries. He came from a family of merchants.

He was born in Probandah, and through his early life, he assimilated British customs, learned English, dressed like a gentleman, and received his education in civil law at Oxford.

It was in learning that civil law that he was able to see what Britain was doing to India. Gandhi had an indescribable love for all people and all things. Throughout his life, he peacefully fought for equality and independence for a doomed India under British imperialism. He was a very intelligent man with wisdom and cliches far beyond the comprehension of uneducated men.

To say that Gandhi’s life was full of meaning is an incredible understatement.

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Gandhi himself felt that he had failed as a person because India broke into India and Pakistan. Gandhi wanted a unified India with Hindus and Muslims united, so when they split, he was crushed. He failed to realize that he gained India free will, free government, and most importantly, a sense of pride that it had never seen before. It is for this reason that we remember Mahatma Gandhi.

He was a great man with a mission.

Freedom and independence, do these words have any significant meaning concerning one’s life?To the people of India, freedom and independence were the meanings of life and the goals to be achieved. British had controlled India for centuries, giving the people of India a terrible life to live.The white settlers took advantage of the submissive Indian minorities, for instance they would make Indians move out of trains so they would have a seat to sit in.British also controlled the imported goods sold in India; clothes were one of the major goods that India bought that helped the economy of Britain.India was ruled by the British, over time the British became more and more powerful while the people in India became weaker and weaker. While under British rule, India was given no choice but to follow strict regulations such as paying a heavy tax on salt.Because the British had a royal monopoly on the manufacture of salt in India, the people of India were unable to afford the high prices, and that lead to increasing levels of starvation and poverty.The country believed that a change for the better was needed.One man led the fight for the people of India to break away from the rulings of the British.He believed that the British’s rule over the salt industry was one of Britain’s key ways of controlling the Indian people.This man is considered one of the most significant people in history; he was Mahatma Gandhi. Mahatma Gandhi was a courageous man, who employed a very important strategy for himself and India which he obeyed his whole life: never to use violence, even if others would use violence against him.Having studied law in London to become a lawyer, he was a very well educated man who used his knowledge and strategy of nonviolence to fight for India’s independence from Britain.Gandhi became the speaker for the entire nation of India.

Gandhi had several methods of civil disobedience that they showed in the movie.One example of a non-violent protest was fasting.He fasted when India finally gained their independence, because the Muslims wanted to live in their own country and name it Pakistan.That’s not what Gandhi wanted as independence he wanted everyone to get along and except each other, so he fasted at the age of 70 to stop the fighting.Another method of civil disobedience that he used was not paying taxes and protesting it because they were made by the British to grow indigo and pay the British taxes in indigo.When indigo was not a cash crop anymore because England didn’t want indigo anymore, because they had a good supply of it, the people in India were forced to pay their taxes in money and many people couldn’t because they had no jobs. When there is a non-violent protest the point the protesters are trying to get across is seen in a non-violent protest than in a violent protest.When violence is used in protest, a threat is seen rather than the point of the protest.In my opinion a non-violent protest is more effective and accomplishes more because there is no threat toward the opposition, because if the opposition felt threatened they would automatically become defensive. There were some cultural aspects of Indian society that were portrayed in the movie. One difference was in religion between the Hindus and Muslims.The Hindus religion was Hinduism and the Muslims religion was Islamic.The Hindus have three major Gods, the Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Preserver) Shiva (Destroyer).The Hindus once a year take a pilgrimage to the Ganges River to cleanse themselves.The Muslims believe there is only one God, Allah, and Muhammad is the one true prophet.They fast during the Holy month of Ramadea.

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