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Essay Examples on Gettysburg Battle Essay

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1st Essay Sample on Gettysburg Battle

In thefirst three days of July 1863, one of the most decisive battles of the Civil War occurred.It is one of the most well known American battles.Gettysburg challenged the stragedic minds of many great Generals.It pushed soldiers’ physaical being to the absolute max and some say it was one of the bloodiest battles.Fifty-one thousand lives were taken during that three day span at Gettysburg.Many historians agree that the turning point of the Civil War was the battle of Gettysburg.This battle was very decisive, it saved the Union (O’Brien, 1).The result of this battle was a Union victory and completely turned the Civil War in their favor. The Battle of Gettysburg was the turning point in the Civil War.General Lee decided that their stategy of attack would be defense.They would await the attack of the Union, it was a battle for higher ground.The South did not attack for several days and that was Lee’s fault, but dont’ let that change your view on General Lee (O’Brien, 2).He was still one the greatest generals in American history.One aspect that made him an exceptional general is that he believed his army was invincible and that gave his men a lot of confidence when evntering any battle in the Civil War.Nothing was wrong with the Union army that a competent general could not cure.General Meade was found by Abraham Lincoln to bring balance to the Union.He also had trhe strategy to find high ground and play the role of defense.Defense usually did win battles in the Civil War.The battle of Gettysburg was the ultiamate proof that defense won battles.The Union utilized the defense strategy to perfection to be victorious at Gettysburg. Along with being the turning point of the Civil War, the battle of Gettysburg was a very decisive battle that changed the war.

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