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The following sample essay on Geox 2008 tells about technological solutions.

Geox main competitive advantages are technology constant focus on the product with the application of innovative and technological solutions developed by Geox and protected by patents. Focus on the consumer: cross-market positioning for products, with a vast range of shoes for men, women and children in the medium to medium/high price range (family brand). Brand recognition: strong recognition of the Geox brand thanks to an effective communication strategy and its identification by the consumer with the “breathing” concept.

Internationalization: a growing presence on international markets thanks to easy replication of a business model already tried and tested in Italy. Distribution: a network of monobrand Geox Shops in Italy and abroad which has been developed according to each country’s distribution structure and calibrated to the widespread network of multibrand clients. The goal of both networks is to optimize market share and, at the same time, to promote the Geox brand to end-consumers on a consistent basis.

Supply chain: a flexible delocalized business model with considerable outsourcing, capable of efficiently managing the production and logistics cycle while the Company maintains control over critical phases of the value chain, so as to ensure product quality and timely deliveries. Geox is the 1st shoe brand in Italy and the 2nd in the world. Since the start of 2008 the company is a member of the S/MIB index, the leading blue chip’s index for the Italian stock market. Let’s take a look at Geox 2008 results (the images are taken from Geox 2008 financial statements):

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