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George Washington1 Essay

George Washington is unanimously referred to as the “father of America”.Thefirst president of the United States of America, Washington set the manner for what was to become the most powerful seat of government in the country.The purpose of this paper is to provide biographical information on Washington and to explain why he is known as the “father of America”.
Born in Westmoreland County, Virginia, on February 22, 1732, George Washington was the eldest son of Augustine Washington and his second wife, Mary Ball Washington.His five younger brothers and sisters were Elizabeth, Samuel, John, Augustine, Charles, and Mildred (who died in infancy).Washington’s two half brothers, Lawrence and Augustine, were fourteen and twelve years older than he, but the three boys liked and respected one another.1
When Washington was three the family moved to a larger plantation further up the Potomac River.It was called Epsewasson, or Little Hunting Creek, from the name of the stream it faced.Young Washington grew to love the estate with a passion that lasted all his life.Some years later Augustine bought a farm on the Rappahannock, opposite Fredericksburg, and moved the family there.The plantation, Ferry Farm, was the place where Washington chopped the cherry tree down.2
When Washington was eleven, his father died.The plantation at Epsewasson was granted to Lawrence.Lawrence added to the estate and renamed it Mount Vernon, in honor of Admiral Vernon, under whom he had served in the West Indies.George went to live with Augustine at Wakefield because Henry William’s school, one of the best in the colony, was located nearby.3
Little is know of George Washington’s schooling.He was probably tutored at home for a while, and may have attended school in Fredericksburg before going to Henry William’s school.At fifteen he was ready to do practical surveying.He was good in mathematics; he was a neat penman and an accurate …

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