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George Washington : Wise beyond his years Essay

George Washington was wise beyond his years. He warned the country of political parties and also he warned us of making alliances.The United States is more divided today than it has been in the past.People are not only expressing their favor for one candidate but they are getting angry with people who support a different presidential hopeful.
Issues such as abortion, the death penalty and Gay marriage plague our nation.The two prominent political parties in our country are Democrats and Republicans.The Democrats favor pro-choice on abortion issues, they are against the death penalty and for Gay marriage and Gay rights.You could say that Democrats are liberal and have left-winged policies while Republicans are conservative and have right-winged views.
When a political party is considered left-winged their views are conventionally include a more people-oriented government endorsing a large public sector, social programs, and government regulation. Right-winged policies are necessarily opposite in that free market, competition, low taxes, no social programs, and little or no government regulation are preferred.The extremes at both sides of the political spectrum have been marked by communism (left-winged) and fascism (right-winged).
In the 2004 election a lot of the division in our country can come down to the fact that in 2002 the United States went to war in Iraq claiming that they had weapons of mass destruction.However 2 years later no weapons have been found.I personally feel that George Bush should have said that Saddam Hussein was a threat to our nation andhe is lacking the ability to make sound decisions shouldn't be in such a powerful position.In my own personal opinion I think that the United States should have sent a special team to assassinate Saddam anonymously.The death count in Iraq is up to 1,103 as of today. Many of those lives could have been saved if he had just been assassinated.A…

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