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George Washington Carver Paper

The Life of George Washington Carver
George Washington Carver was born 1864 in Diamond grove, Missouri and died on January 5, 1943. Born a slave his mother and him were captured, his mother was shipped and he was ransomed for a racing horse by their owner. Because he was a slave, it is not sure when he was born.
Carver and his brother Jim were always working, but Jim was always working outside. George being younger and weaker worked inside the house.He learned how to cook, clean, do laundry, and sew. Their owners Moses and Susan were nice and generous to them.
He liked to plant and garden. Carver had a secret garden so people would not laugh at him because it was not manly. Some of the neighbors would bring their plants so that he could take care of them.
George always wanted to learn new things. Susan taught him how to read. He got a school education at the age of 12 in an all black schoolhouse away from home. Then he owned a laundry business. Carver wanted to go to college but he was rejected from Highland college because he was black. Carver then attended Simpson College to study art. Since he loved plants so much he went to Iowa State College to study botany. He got a bachelors of science and a few years after he got a Masters degree in agriculture. He became the director of Agriculture.
Booker T. Washington offered him a teaching job at Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute for Negroes. He was a great teacher inside and outside of the class. He taught many farmers how to improve the land and their health. He also invented over 125 products from sweet potatoes, and over 325 products from peanuts. Some of these products are rubber substitute, peanut cakes, face cream, oil for hair, shampoo, shaving cream, adhesives, paints, buttermilk, bar candy, caramel, cooking oil, foodstuff, vinegar, salad oil, laxatives, cheese cream, chili sauce, chocolate coated peanuts, tapioca, yeast, dyes, candies, flour, pigments and …

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