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geography chapters 24 25 26

in general where is the driest part of south Asia
lower indus valley

why does the region receive increased rainfall from June through September
monsoons carry moist air from the indian ocean

why do cyclones cause so much damage in Bangladesh
the area is low lying and prone to flooding

which climate zone has the least natural vegetation
desert zones

what problems has deforestation causes in south Asia
soil erosion and loss of wildlife habitats

seasonal winds

a violent storm with fierce winds and heavy rain

in what part of south Asia is there a desert climate
in the Deccan plateau and the Pakistan-India border

what are monsoons and when do they affect south Asia
seasonal winds from October through February dry winds blow across SA from the NE from June through September winds blow in from the SW bringing moist ocean air

where are south Asia’s tropical rainforests located
western coast of India and southern Bangladesh

what percentage of south Asia’s forest remain today
less than one fifth

the ganges river is sacred to members of which religion

why has the indian government planned to build sewage treatment plants along the ganges river
the river has become polluted through human actions

floods on which river have historically caused major damage in Bangladesh

why did the Bangladeshi government choose to build an earthen dam on the feni river
to control floods in coastal Bangladesh

what happened to the feni river dam in 1985 when a huge cyclone roared into the bay of bengal
the dam held and kept the coast from flooding

the religion of most Indians

ganges river
an important water source and a sacred river for hindus , earthly home to the hindu goddess Ganga

storm surge
high waters brought from cyclones which swamp low laying areas

an arm of the sea at the lower end of a river

what is the spiritual significance of the ganges for india’s hindus
it was the earthly home to the goddess Ganga, also the river is called mother Ganges

why are rituals performed in the ganges dangerous
it is very polluted

how have Bangladeshis sought to prevent storm surges from flooding coastal lowlands
they have created dikes and dams

what do the people of india call the ganges
mother ganges

why do pilgrims visit the ganges
they enter the water for purification and prayer

himalayan mountains 24.1
a long range of mountains dividing SA from china they were created by the two plates colliding

a large landmass that is smaller than a continent

alluvial plain
lands that are rich farmlands

island group

surrounded by coral reefs and shallow lagoons

why might south Asia have a large steel industry
SA has large iron-ore deposits particularly in the Deccan plateau

when and how was south Asia formed
it was formed about 50 million years ago and it was formed by two plates colliding and creating the himalayas

what are south Asia’s three largest rivers and what is their source
their source is the snow capped himalayas and the three rivers are the Indus river the Ganges and the Brahmaputra

how do the island countries that lie off the subcontinent’s coast differ from one another
Sri Lanka is a tear drop island and it is a lush tropical land the Maldives look like hives and they are a group of small islands they are submerged volcanoes

what two tectonic plates were involved in the collision of indian and the rest of Asia
the indian and Eurasian plates

why is indian’s supply of mica important
it is a key component in electrical equipment

what type of government does india have today

what was the result of the green revolution in india
new varieties of grain led to larger harvests

what is the most widely practiced religion in india

Mughal empire
occupied much of india in the 1500s was the Indus valley and Ganges plain

the period of direct British control

nonviolent resistance
a protest movement that does not use violence to achieve its goals

land reform
a more balanced distribution of land among farmers

green revolution
scientists introduced new farming techniques and higher yielding grain varieties to improve production

caste system
the aryan system of social classes

before Europe arrived which groups contributed to india’s history
the aryans, Persians and greek

what are some of the major influences on indian politics today

what happened after the europeans arrived in india
they established trade relations with india’s rulers they established direct rule over india.

what is the traditional indian custom regarding marriage
the families do arranged marriages

what are the central beliefs of the hindu religion
they believe in many gods they also believe in reincarnation the re birth of souls after death, karma

where were the cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro located
indus valley

what is life like for most farmers in Pakistan and Bangladesh
most farmers struggle to grow enough crops to feed their family

how have government microcredit loans changed businesses in Pakistan and Bangladesh
they have helped small businesses grow and improve

which religion is the most widely practiced in both Pakistan and Bangladesh

which popular form of entertainment in Pakistan and Bangladesh stems from the region’s long tradition of oral literature

indus valley civilization
began around the 2500s b.c it featured well planned cities like Harappa and Mohenjo- Daro which had brick buildings and it was sophisticated

division of British india

a beautiful land that Pakistan and india has fought over for a long time.

small loans given to poor entrepreneurs

people who start and build a business

a month long period of fasting from sunrise to sunset

how were the countries Pakistan and Bangladesh formed
both began as the indus valley civilization then once it fell other groups came in and settled until the Europeans took control of it

what role does farming play in the economies of Pakistan and Bangladesh
in both places there is subsistence farming which means that the farmers are barely making enough to supply their families

what have been some of the problems for Pakistan and Bangladesh since they were formed
both are not highly industrialized and they only have subsistence farming for most people so there are many poor people

what role does islam play in Pakistan and Bangladesh
it is a unifying force both lands were key parts of the muslim mughal empire that ruled the indian subcontinent for centuries

how would you describe Pakistan’s ethnic makeup
it is stricter in imposing the islamic law on its citizens example most pakistanis follow the custom purdah the seclusion of women

what has isolated Nepal and Bhutan from other countries throughout history
rugged mountainous terrain

who leads the governments of both Nepal and Bhutan
monarchs with limited powers

what is the most common economic practice in both Nepal and Bhutan
small scale agriculture

what challenges has tourism created for Nepal
tourists have damaged the natural environment

what is the official religion of Bhutan

constitutional monarchy
kingdoms in which the rulers powers are limited by a constitution

they are from the high himalayas they are the traditional mountain guides of the everest region

Siddhartha Gautama
the founder of buddhism known as buddha

geometric designs that are symbols of the universe and aid in meditation

what effect does the mountainous terrain have on the economies of Nepal and Bhutan
both are poor countries and they mainly rely on agriculture but with the mountains there it is hard to fine suitable land to cultivate in.

what religions are practiced in Nepal and Bhutan
there is hindu and buddhist in nasal even though there are more hindu. in Bhutan the official religion is buddhism

what kinds of government do Nepal and Bhutan have today
they are constitutional monarchies

how is tourism affecting economies of these two countries
nepal has damaged the environment with trash but bhutan takes care of the environment

what are some of the important features of himalayan culture
folk art and festivals

In what order did peoples move to Sri Lanka
Sinhalese, Tamils, Europeans

what is the ethnic makeup of Sri Lanka today
the population includes Tamils, Sinhalese, and other ethnic groups

which religion is a major influence on the culture of the Maldives

what are the major economic activities of the Maldives
fishing and tourism

why is tourism not a major economic activity in Sri Lanka
civil war has made travel to the island dangerous

people from the northern plains of india crossed the narrow strait separating the subcontinent from Sri Lanka

dravidian hindus from southern india

muslim rules

how were the islands of the Maldives settled
they were settled by buddhists and hindus from Sri Lanka and india

where do the different ethnic groups in Sri Lanka live
the tamils settled the north end of Sri Lanka the sinhalese moved farther south

what happened between the sinhalese and the tamils after Sri Lanka gained independence
tensions grew between the two populations. the tamils which had less people wanted an independent state. the civil war broke out

what are some of the aspects of cultural life in the Maldives
it does not allow any other religions besides islam. they have “big drum” which is music and dance based on drumming

what are some of the economic strengths of Sri Lanka and the Maldives
both have very high per capita income. in Sri Lanka it has a very strong farming economy which is mainly rice and it has some areas devoted to plantation agriculture. the Maldives have a large fishing business but also is switching toward tourism

why do cyclones cause so much damage in Bangladesh

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