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Geography Essay

-Steady population increase in Urban Area.
-3rd most urbanized country (Australia)=86% leaving in Urban by the end of century
-This trend resulted in the need for Urban planning so that it can have high level of livability
-Urban Planning: Provision of inflasture(meaning the basic framework that support the operation of an Urban/rural area)
-This includes: water supplies, sewerage and drainage systems.
-Transport and communication services, education and health facilities parks and recreation areas.
-Planning-increase demands for a high level of sustainability
-3 broad processes occur as park of urbanization: Re-urbanisation, Suburbnisation and Exurbanisation.
-Development of existing urban areas with new building and improved infrastructure
-Constantly taking place to replace with new building and improve infrastructure
-Re-urbanisation keeps in taking place in expanding urban areas
-Re-urbanisation involves the improvement of existing infrastructure to allow a more intensive use of land while retaining existing infrastructure
-People can expect continuous of re-urbanisation with the development of high density having in the inner city area.
-Suburbanisation is the growth of residential districts near to or on the outskirts of towns/cities.
-Suburbanisation sprawl required the extensive building of infrastructure to meet the needs of low-density housing and commercial development
-An alternative to suburban sprawl is the urban village
-Exurbanisation- Strategy where existing towns within 100km if major city are provided with a fast rail service
-This requires major development often infrastructure mainly transporting router
-It is difficult for urban planners to design urban area wit high degree of livability
-The planner has made mistakes in the past

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