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Geography As A Section Of Social Studies Paper

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1st Essay Sample on geography

Geography is a topic that we have covered in class on several occasions.It has also been a focus of some of our assigned readings.Geography is one of the most important sections of Social Studies.Geography is simply defined as the study of earth and its features. This is a very simplistic view of what geography is.I believe that there is much more that goes into studying this section of Social Studies.As we discussed in class, geography deals with five key components.The five parts are location, place, interaction, movement, and regions. Geography is my favorite sector of the social studies.This is because of the vast possibilities for exploration.The subject entails everything from longitude and latitude lines on a map to how and why people interact with each other.Geography to me is like an open-ended question.It is an area where you can explore and research for what seems to be an eternity.This is because the five sectors are so interconnected.If you were researching a certain area and the people that live there, you are exposed to a tremendous amount of material.From there you can start to research how the people interact with different cultures, or how the people moved there and settled, or the physical characteristics of the setting.The possibilities for exploration are endless, and that is why geography is so captivating to me. Geography is also extremely important because it affects all aspects of life.No matter what you are talking or thinking about geography is some how involved.Everything in the world has a direct connection to place, location, interaction, movement, and region.Movement is important because it relates to interaction.If people could not move from one place to another they would be unable to interact.I believe that regions are important because all places on earth are part of a particular region.

2nd Essay Sample on Geography

-Steady population increase in Urban Area. -3rd most urbanized country (Australia)=86% leaving in Urban by the end of century -This trend resulted in the need for Urban planning so that it can have high level of livability -Urban Planning: Provision of inflasture(meaning the basic framework that support the operation of an Urban/rural area) -This includes: water supplies, sewerage and drainage systems. -Transport and communication services, education and health facilities parks and recreation areas. -Planning-increase demands for a high level of sustainability -3 broad processes occur as park of urbanization: Re-urbanisation, Suburbnisation and Exurbanisation. -Development of existing urban areas with new building and improved infrastructure -Constantly taking place to replace with new building and improve infrastructure -Re-urbanisation keeps in taking place in expanding urban areas -Re-urbanisation involves the improvement of existing infrastructure to allow a more intensive use of land while retaining existing infrastructure -People can expect continuous of re-urbanisation with the development of high density having in the inner city area.

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-Suburbanisation is the growth of residential districts near to or on the outskirts of towns/cities.

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This sample essay is completed by Harper, a Social Sciences student. She studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. All the content of this paper is just her opinion on Geography As A Section Of Social Studies and should not be seen as the way of presenting the arguments.

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