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“Genius” Review Paper

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Paper type: Review, Subject: Book Reviews

Essay on “Genius”

That’s just half an hour had passed since I had read the last page and closed the book … I’m very impressed, so I want porobovat express their thoughts in words

As the property of each book Theodore Dreiser -. It is a powerful thing, with profound life meaning. The author shows us life as it is, without a fine. After all, in fact since the 19th century, nothing has changed: the same people who have the same traits, the same vices and shortcomings. The novel tells the story of a genius, an artist and an eternal seeker of beauty ideal. I can not say that this character has caused in me a feeling of love for him, rather naobrot, easy contempt and pity. One can not deny his genius in matters of art, and the presence of various talents. But in relation to the people around him, he was often cruel. He knew, because of its tendency to introspection, but double standards let live. To the full realization came to him, it took a serious and painful blow. Agree, and now a man repents of his actions only when the life of his good pat. Back to our genius. The fate of his more than interesting: he had a lot to go through and try to feel and enjoy, and know the glory and forgotten. Reading the book, you know, it’s sad that the right and istinnovernye thoughts come too late. This book – is another great lesson for society. Dreiser attaches great importance to experiences of the characters and their thoughts, we learn a lot about the characters of the book, just in their thinking and doing, I hope the right conclusions from reading

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Beauty and Love -. These two concepts are inextricably linked to genius. And each time he was disappointed, although in the beginning of his passion and indulge in the euphoria of incredible happiness. It is possible that the girl, who became his last dream, the first and only true love, because the hero of the novel literally felt physical pain because of the separation from the girl. But, alas, their love was not destined to live … The first meeting after so long parting, and in fact the latter, gave only one result: “And so they went to no more meet – and both were eager to love, both rejected it, both buried deep in the heart of the ghost of the lost beauty. ” It is sad, but not fatal, our hero found his fortune and his sincere love embodied in their little daughter

In order to experience all the -. Just need to read the book. It provides quick and easy, but brings great benefits.

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