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genghis khan Essay

Genghis Khan before his father's death.
He was taught to ride horses at a very early age.
He was an expert bow man and had great strength.
He was a natural leader among his peers.
Temujin had many duties as son of a Chieftain
He was in charge of the horse heads and had to chase after lost animals that had run away.
Had to watch the sky line for enemies and raiders.
He learned of the great empire of Cathay and its civilization.
He was taught to be a warrior and told to have a fierce character.
He was descendant from the grey-eyed men who were one of the greatest tribes of their time.
Though a better bow handler he was scared o his brother.
Was carried of by his father on her wedding ride to the tent of her betrothed husband.
Chieftain of the Yakka Mongols or great Mongols. Who ruled 40K tents.
His father's sworn brother was Toghrul, Chieftain of the Karaits which were the most powerful clan of the Gobi.
The Gobi is not a sand desert.Only 5% of it is covered in sand.
It is the coldest and most northern desert in the world.
It is above China in Northeastern Asia.It covers 500,000 square miles.
There is hardly any trees and the soil is dry and rock-like.
In the Mongolian community men and women gotfirst priority over children when it came to food and a place by the fire.
In winter children had it harder because food was scarce and they couldn't kill animals of the herds they own.
During Spring wild animals were abundant and cattle and sheep gave lots of milk so there wasn't a shortage of food.
A tent made of felt stretched over wattled rods with an aperture at the top to let out smoke.
The tent could be carried by carts that were pulled by oxen.
Yurts of the Chieftains and their wives were decorated and carried treasures and family belongings.
His father had spent the night at in the enemies' tent and had been poisoned and was gravely sick. Temujin rode as fast …

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