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Focused mainly on relationship development and general retention and grow the . ; Use military strategies that focus on intelligence gathering and deep understanding of rival’s motivations. Conquered such empires on the road to glory as the Western Ixia Dynasty, the Jinx Dynasty, and Ukrainian Kanata. Used deep analysis to identify, strategies, and act on expansion opportunities. Presented conclusions and decisions clearly to War Generals and other upper management. Accomplishments: Created the largest empire the world has ever known, stretching from Korea t Hungary at it’s largest extent.

Unified the Mongol people. ; Organized a nearly invincible army of fearless, nomadic warriors. ; Extraordinary speed and devastating ruthlessness in conquering territories. Skills: Self taught hunting and gathering after my entire family was exiled from my d dead fathers tribe. Excelled in marmot catching and murdering half-breeds in order to establish family dominance and begin building my empire. Interests: Hunting ; Settling Scores Letter delivered by Horsemen February 20, 1225 Mrs.. Selene United Federation of Conquerors

Dear Mrs.. Selene, Have you ever conquered over 12,700,000 square miles, and had one of the largest empires of all time, I Genesis Khan would be the perfect fit for the position of Chairman of the board of the United Federation of Conquerors because of my large expansion in a small period of time, and my absolute destruction of all in my way. When I founded the Mongol empire I never knew how much land we would conquer in such a short period of time, we were able to get more land in 25 y ears then the Romans got in 400 years.

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By having an army Of nearly invincible army Of fee roles, nomadic warriors and by using military strategies that focus on intelligence gathering and deep understanding of rival’s motivations we were able to devastate the r armies and cities that stood in our way. The Mongol empire was known as one of the most feared empires of all time because of our ruthless killings and fearless army, if you did not surrender to us your village, city, even empire would be completely slaughtered. But if you did sour ender and join us you would be free to continue your practices and faith.

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Essay On Genghis Khan
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