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Genghis Khan Essay

Everyheroic warrior in the history of mankind has had qualities which put him above the rest. The bravery of Alexander, the determination of Hannibal, and wits of Caesar helped them achieve extreme success. None, however, could combine these qualities as well as the warrior from the windswept Gobi desert; Genghis Khan. Living the most strenuous life, he proved to the world that you can do everything with nothing. To completely understand his life, we must go back to the very beginning of his existence.
Genghis Khan was originally born as Temujin in Russia around 1167. When Genghis Khan was little, his father, who was a brave chief of a small tribe was poisoned to death. With no leader left, the tribe abandoned Genghis khan and his mother. They were left alone for many years to care for themselves. Throughout these years, his family met many hardships such as shortage of food and shortage of money. Though unable to read, Genghis khan was a smart guy. His mother had told him at a very early age the importance of trust and independence. She once told him, “Remember, you have no companions but your shadow”(Grolier Encyclopedia 1995).
To him, this statement meant that he should trust no one, no one but himself . He took that idea so seriously that one dayhe caught his own brother stealing food from the tribe they were living with. Without hesitation, he drew a sword and chopped his head off. This earned Genghis khan the essential reputation he needed to turn his life around. When the word got out, many people started admiring his attitude, and that was when he met Bogurchi. Bogurchi was a rich man and was probably the most important person in Genghis Khans life. With his help, Genghis Khan was able to put together a small army, before the age of 15.
One day, he was out hunting for food and a local rival tribe member saw him. Moments later, he was ambushed and taken hostag

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