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Essay Examples on Genghis Kahn Paper

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1st Essay Sample on Genghis Kahn

Mongolian Empire was known as a fierce fighting force before the birth of Genghis Kahn.However, after Genghis’ inception as leader, the Mongolians united and became the greatest empire in the world.Genghis Kahn, with his vision and military might, changed western civilization more than any other figure in history.What people he did not befriend, he enslaved or killed.If storybooks existed at the time of Genghis Kahn, the might tell a story like the one below. Due to the temporary overcrowding of the family dwelling Ishmael slowly lies down on the rock hard earth outside of his tent.He adjusts himself so that he is lying perpendicular to the campfire with his head resting on his hand.He gazes up at the stars in the heavens and is in awe at the peaceful night sky.It seems to grow brighter and clearer as the crackling fire starts to dim.Just as Ishmael is about to lose consciousness and drift away into a sleep-filled bliss, he is suddenly awakened by a thunderous sound in the distance.He and a couple of his fellow clansmen glance up at the moonlit horizon and notice that it is perfectly clear and not a cloud is in the sky.As the men continue to listen to the thunderous roar, Ishmael stands; arches his back and stretches towards the stars, trying to loosen up his taunt but weary muscles.Ishmael’s clan has made their camp this particular night in a valley overlooking a small brook, which is surrounded by mountains.As the never-ending thunder approaches, the growing group of men becomes more and more puzzled because there has not been a twinge of lightning seen.Yet with every passing second, the thunder becomes more and more deafening, until it becomes a roar. Finally, Ishmael sees a speeding mass approaching the clan’s tents like a swarm of hungry locusts.

2nd Essay Sample on Genghis Kahn

In about 1162, Yesugei, a local chieftain and his wife had their second son, Genghis Kahn. (Originally Genghis was named Temujin) Although it is not certain when Temujin was born, we do know where. Temujin was born along the banks of the Onon River.Today the Onon River is known as the border between northern Mongolia and southeastern Russia. There is a legend that said Temujin was born holding a large clot of blood in his hand, which is said to signify as soon he to have a career of being the world conqueror. Yesugei and his wife would have never of guessed that they would be the parents of a man that would be passed on as the man who took the most land ever in history.

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As a small child, Temujin had an extremely tough life. At the age of nine, Temujin and his father went on a mission to the deep east of Mongolia to find him (Temujin) a wife. There he met a ten-year-old girl named Borte. She was the daughter of the chieftain of Temujin’s mother’s people. Temujin was left there to stay with the Konkirat because of custom.

During that time it was custom that a son-in-law was to be brought up in the tent of his future father-in-law’s tent. Yesugei left Temujin there and on his way home the chief of a rival clan poisoned Yesugei food. Yesugei only had enough time to tell one of his people to get Temujin out of danger and safe at home with his mother. Once they got Temujin home, he was pronounced as the new chieftain of their people. Soon to follow, their followers abandoned Temujin and his family, the Taichi’ut took over.

Terrified of what happened to his father, Temujin and his family ran away. After all that had happened to Temujin he had grown-up into a young man. He also returned back to visit the Konkirat to claim his wife, Borte. There he was given a gift, a black sable coat. He showed his coat to Toghril, an ally of Yesugei and the ruler of Keriet, which was a tribe in central Mongolia.

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