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The date was February 27, 1991, the allied forces of Operation Desert Storm led by General H. Norman Swarzkopf conquered the the forces of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein in a shocking victory that quickly became known as "The 100-Hour War.""Stormin' Norman" Swarzkopfbecame a household name overnight. But who is the man behind this victory-a man that has earned himself a place in history as one of the great military leaders of his generation?
Swarzkopf's father had been appointed superintendent of the New Jersey State Police in 1921 after retiring from the Army in 1920. Norman Swarzkopf was born on August 22, 1934 in Lawrenceville, New Jersey. For two years previous to his birth, Norman's father had been searching for Bruno Hauptmann, the man arrested and eventually put to death for the kidnapping and murder of Charles Lindbergh's baby. By the time Swarzkopf was four years old his father had already told him what to do with his life: You will go to West Point Military Academy someday-just like your father.
Young Swarzkopf was now eight years old, the year 1942, and the United States was deeply involved in World War II. Iranian military supply lines were being robbed by renegades. The Iranian military police were not properly trained in defending their supplies. Iran asked President Roosevelt for assistance in defending the supply lines. President Roosevelt turned to Swarzkopf Sr. for help. Swarzkopf Sr. accepted the invitation and was sent to Iran to train Iranian military police forces.
Swarzkopf began attending military school in Bordentown, New Jersey at age 10. Swarzkopf Sr. summoned his son to accompany him in Iran. The two Swarzkopfs toured the countryside and even attended some diplomatic missions together. Young Swarzkopf was only twelve years old at this point.
Swarzkopf Sr. was transferred to Germany where he enrolled his son in an international school. Norman played socc…

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