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General George S. Patton Essay

Essay Topic:

On November 11, 1885 in San Gabriel, California a true American hero was born.This hero's name was George Smith Patton, Jr.George Patton would play a giant role of the formation of The United States of America during the twentieth century.
Ever since George was young he knew he wanted to be in the army.When his dads war friends would come over, he would always beg them to tell him their war stories.George especially looked up to John Singleton "Ranger" Mosby.Singleton would tell his stories of fighting during the civil war and George absolutely loved the stories.From the age of seven he was able to read military topographical maps.He learned all of this from his father who was very military involved.George's interest in the military took away time from his formal study habits.This was especially obvious when George could not read at the age of twelve, which was partly due to his dyslexia.George's father finally realized that this was an important matter, and decided to put George in what was known as the "Beast Barracks."Although he excelled athletically, he had to stay an extra year due to his problems with mathematics.He did become an expert fencer and a master swordsman.From there he went on to West Point where he became an expert polo player.This was not of much surprise, due to his love of animals.George chose his major of cavalry at West Point.In 1909, George graduated from West Point, 46th out of 103.
In 1912, George made himself known to the world by competing in the pentathlon of the1912 Olympic Games in Stockholm, Sweden.
Patton was still a young officer in 1916 when he tasted hisfirst battle. Patton joined General John J. Pershing in his fight to overthrow Poncho Villa of Mexico.The fight was a light one, but it gave Patton a good feel for live battle.Once again George made national headlines when he shot and killed General Cardenas, Poncho…

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