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General Armstrong Custer Essay

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Custer Didn't Dies For Your Sins, Sitting Bull Did
In Custer Died For Your Sins, Vine Deloria, Jr. uses his sarcastic and satirical tone to reveal many falsehoods and stereotypes of Native American culture.He also uses his satirical tone to denote those who have clainmed heritage that is obviously not theirs.Deloria wasnted to make it a point to tell young Natives to find their own identity and not let an expert do it for them.
Throughout American culture, Native Americans have been the most falsely represented subset of America's population.They have been identified with "the aura of the savage warrior…and the instinctive animal" (3).American folklore presents the existince of Native Americans to the world as violent savages and dimensional primitives. Even being called an "Indian" is a little appaling, even to the minority of Native Americans. The lack of a tropical climate and "the absense of elephents apperently did not tip off the [Spanish] explorers that they were not in India"(5).The Native Americans are and have always been in a constant struggle to defend their identities and land.The confusion and stereotypes from another culture does not lighten the load of their struggle.
The claiming of Indian heritage was nonexistent until the Native American culture was found to have some sort of significance to the devopment of the United States and its culture.After being of European descent became boring, having some sort of"blood tie with the frontier…in order to experience what it means to be an American"(4) guaranteed them the satisfaction of being as American as apple pie.Native Americans are, again, put into a position where they have to defend their identities and land from those who want to claim it as theirs.Non-natives also make an attempt to claim Native American heritage.When they claim it most of them "claim it on their grandmothe…

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