Passive Genotype-environment Correlation

The first is a passive kind, in which the parents who are genetically related to the child liver a rearing environment similar to the parents’ genetic disposition. The second is an evocative kind, whereby the child’s characteristics receive response from others that is directly influenced by their genotype. The last type that is known as active is when the child seeks out compatible and stimulating environments. It is the purpose of this paper to describe how these three genotype-environment correlations apply to myself.

Throughout my childhood there was something to be said about fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. As early as I can remember my mother dressed how taking care of yourself will lead to a happy life and her genetic predisposition was passed on to my siblings and myself. This defines the passive genotype correlation. I found myself throughout the years becoming increasingly curious about being fit from watching my mother workout on her new home fitness machine.

In turn as I aged and realized that being fit was something I took interest in, my mother gradually bought more weight training equipment more suitable for a males needs and in no time part of my childhood garage was a now a small weight room. The next genotype called evocative explains the types of experiences I had u to who was and my genetic make-up. In the physical world, everyone is different and you will evoke different responses depending on types of skills that you possess.

Which Of The Following Is An Example Of A Passive Genotype-environment Correlation?

For example, I was always very good with electronics and people who knew me could speak to me about setting up home entertainment systems or car audio and know would have good input for them.

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The feedback that receive is very different than those who fail at such tasks. The active genotype is the one that feel is most important to humans because it has the most powerful connection between people and their environment. The term competitive can be used to describe myself, as with most things in my life, competition is what gives me drive.

I found out in earlier years, even before high school, that playing in organized sports was something that I looked for in life and continued through high school and even today if friends want to organize a game. I found that once certain experiences occurred like competing, naturally they led to even more and I found my niche.

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Passive Genotype-environment Correlation
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