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Gender Determination in 19th Century Latin America Essay

“To develop to a higher, better, or more advanced stage” is how
progress is defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary.During the late
19th century, Latin America, in particular, was striving to do just
what this definition states.From copying other countries ideas to
living more luxurious lives, the majority of Latin America was ready to
progress and thrive as a whole.However, in opposition, a number of
people resisted progress because they were content with the lives they
lived and did not see a reason for change.Gabriela, Clove and
Cinnamon by Jorge Amado is a prime example of progress in the 19th
century.While reading the novel, the reader can see the resistance,
as well as the push for progress, and understand how different sectors
within a town in Latin America reacted to change. This was an exciting
time in Latin America, due to a flourishing economy, technological
advances, roads being built, newspapers published, and much more.
However, many people did not know how to change as quickly as society
A good example of this is gender determination, which is
defined as, “in the realm of work and employment, the way in which jobs
and professions are determined based on the sex of those involved”.
Men were in charge and as a wife, a woman obeyed.Men lived based off
of a strong sense of masculine pride, power and strength, while women
were seen as inferior, almost like a prize.Many men did not want this
role to change, so as progress happened materially, some aspects of
society did not progress as quickly.Even though sectors of society
resisted change, progress was being discussed everywhere and anywhere.
“Progress was the word heard most often in Ilheus and Itabuna at the
time.It was on everyone’s lips.It appeared constantly in the daily
and weekly newspapers.It came up again and again in the discussions
at the Model Stationary Store and in the bars and cabare…

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