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Gen. Daniel Morgan Essay

Essay Topic:

Daniel Morgan – The Hero Of The New America
War are not won by any one soldier, they are won by a group of soldiers that are united under one strong leader. These soldiers fight with the courage and dedication of the man (or women since we are in the 21 century) that leads them into battle, as most are war torn veterans that have seen death many times before. The American Revolution was no different from any other war, except that a new country was fighting for it rights. The problem that the Americans faced was that many of their commanders were inexperienced and many were inadequately trained. Still even with all these hardships certain commanders still stood out. The majority of the commanders, such as George Washington, that made names for themselves during this war however, were ex-British officers. As always there were the exceptions to the rule, the home-grown country farm boys that made a name for themselves in their rise to infamy. One such home-grown hero was General Daniel Morgan, whose shade roots and mysterious pasts led him to be one of the finest field commanders the American army has produced.
General Daniel "The Old Wagoner" Morgan's history is a bleak and mysterious one, with only a little known about the early years of his life. Born in Hunterdon County, New Jersey to parents of Welsh decent, Morgan grew up in the life of a farmer, however at age seventeen he left the farm without the knowledge or permission of his parents. His sudden flight from the farm was fueled by a particularly brutal argument he and his father had had. To the time of his death Morgan remained estranged with his family, with little mentioned about his mother and whether or not he ever had any siblings. At this time he moved to Charlestown, Virginia where Morgan aged 17 or 18 could barely read or write. During his early years in Virginia, he became adept at card games, loved to brawl and indulge in a strong drink. Bei…

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