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Gathering Blue Essay Paper

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Kira is a miss with a distorted leg who lives in a more crude society where people who can non work. dice. She has been kept alive by her female parent. and when her female parent dies. Kira is brought before the Council of Guardians.

Kira’s life is spared when she proves she can weave really good. and she is assigned to the undertaking of repairing up the robe worn by the vocalist whose lone occupation is to sing the narrative of human civilisation one time a twelvemonth. She meets Thomas. the male child whose responsibility is to carve the Singer’s staff. When happening out she needs to dye her ain yarn.

Kira begins doing a trip to the hut of Annabella. an old adult female who teaches Kira dyeing. Annabella shows her the workss needed to do every colour. except for blue.

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Kira easy learns that her life is less than idyllic. She hears shouting in her edifice. and she and Thomas discover another orphan miss whose ability is to sing and will finally replace the current Singer. The orphan miss is scolded and punished if she does non sing ; Kira befriends her but realizes she. Thomas.

and the orphan miss do non hold every bit much freedom as idea. At the Ceremony. she sees the Singer ( whose robe she is repairing ) . She realizes that his pess are chained. and he is basically a captive.

The deduction is that she and the others with gifts are besides captives. Kira is besides friends with a male child named Matt. He tells Kira of a small town he one time came across while lost in the forests. This small town had blue. When the twenty-four hours that the Singer sings his vocal comes.

Matt is nowhere to be found. He finally returns with a unsighted adult male from the small town in a bluish shirt. The adult male. it turns out. is the male parent whom Kira thought was dead: Christopher.

Blue Essay Sample

He now lives in a community made up of injured and handicapped people who help one another. Christopher has enemies on the council and is forced to return. Kira decides to remain in the small town to go on to repair the singer’s robe and assist better the society she lives in. Finally. shut to the terminal of the book Matt tells Kira about a male child with bluish eyes from the community her pa is from.

He says he has bluish eyes and is non injured in any manner. He thinks Kira should acquire married with him. but Kira diminutions. That male child is subsequently revealed to be ‘Jonas’ from The Giver.a book besides by Lowry.

Fictional characters:

Kira – a immature miss with a distorted leg and gifted in weaving ; She is the supporter of the novel

Vandara – an evil enemy of Kira’s ; she requests that Kira be sent to the field to decease

Annabella – an aged adult female who teaches Kira about dyes

Thomas – Kira’s friend. a immature adult male gifted in wood carvings

Jo – a yearling miss gifted in singing

Matt – a immature male child who helps Kira. Thomas. and ( subsequently ) Christopher

Jamison – an older adult male. Kira’s patron and wise man from the Council of Guardians ; subsequently found to be the adult male who attempted to kill Christopher.

Christopher – Kira’s male parent

Katrina – Kira’s Mother

Branch – Matt’s Canis familiaris

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