Gastro Oesophageal Reflux

Unit of measurement 3. AN Introduction TO ACTION AND USES OF MEDICINES.

P2 ( a ) List the common upsets of the gastro-intestinal piece of land.

  1. GORD ( gastro oesophageal reflux ) : GORD occurs when tummy acid leaks backup into the gorge.
  2. Peptic ulcer: tummy ulcer and duodenal ulcer is known as peptic ulcers.
  3. Inflammatory intestine disease: A chronic upset of GI piece of land, ( Ulcerative inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn ‘s disease, )
  4. Cranky intestine syndrome: IBS is a common functional upset of the intestine means there is a job with the map of a portion of the organic structure but there is no abnormalcy in the construction.

    ( e.g. hurting uncomfortableness, bloating, diarrhea, irregularity )

  5. Hemorrhoids

P2 ( B ) name the common interventions used in the upsets you have named in P2a and include and OTC readyings available.

1. GORD: there are three chief types of medical specialties for GORD.

  • Antacidse.g. Aluminium hydrated oxide ( Alu-Cap, Maalox, Mucogel ) , magnesium carbonate ( aromatic Mg carbonate unwritten suspension ) , magnesium trisilicate tablets and suspension, Hydrotalcite suspension, Altacite Plus, Maalox Plus,
  • Alginates:Gaviscon Advance & A ; baby, Rennie Duo, Topal, peptic, Acidex,
  • H2-blockers:Cimetidine, cimetidine, Famotidine, Ranitidine, Nizatidine,

Proton pump inhibitors:esomeprazole ( Nexium ) , Lansoprazole ( Zoton ) , Omeprazole ( Losec, omepazole ) , pantoprazole ( Protium

Gastro Oesophageal Reflux

2. Peptic Ulcer: Peptic ulcer is besides treated with alkalizers and H2-antagonists. Patient who takes NSAIDs should take with Prostaglandin parallel ( e.g. Misoprostol ( cytotec )

3. Inflammatory bowel disease:

a. Ulcerative inflammatory bowel disease: intervention of ulcerative inflammatory bowel disease depends on the badness of the disease. drugs are used in ulcerative inflammatory bowel disease are:

  • Aminosalicylates ( balsalzide Na ( Colazide ) , Mesalazine ( AsacolMR, Ipocol, MesrenMR, Pentasa ) , Olsalazine Sodium ( Dipentium ) , Sulfasalazine ( Salazopyurin )
  • Corticosteroids: such as beclometasoneDipropionate ( ( Clipper ) , Budesonide ( Entocort ) , Hydrocorticone ( Colifoam ) , Pediapred ( predenema, predfoam, predsol )
  • Immunomodulators: such as Azathioprine, Purinethol,

4. Cranky Bowel Syndrome: There is no remedy for IBS, but drugs are available to handle the symptoms. E.g.

  • Constipation drugs: Bisacodyl, Docustae Na ( docusol, Dioctyl ) , Glycerol, Senna, Na picosulfate ( Dulco-lax ) , Laxatives ( lactulose, macrogols ( Movicol ) , Phosphate clyster, Microlette Micro-enema. Bowel cleansing solution etc.
  • Diarrhea: To halt diarrhea drugs are available such as: e.g. Loperamide, Imodium, Co-phenotrope ( Lomotil ) , Codeine Phosphate,
  • Antispasmodic: helps to command colon musculus cramps and cut down abdominal hurting
  • Antidepressants may alleviate some symptoms.

5. Hemorrhoids: intervention of hemorrhoids is ab initio alleviating symptoms. ( E.g tub baths, picks, suppository ) and forestalling the return of hemorrhoids require cut down the force per unit area and straining of irregularity. ( e.g Increasing fiber and fluids in diet, exercising, laxacitive, etc.

  • Oeintment, picks, suppositories
  • Local anaesthetics: e.g Xylocaine
  • Vasoconstrictors: e.g Ephedrine sulfate, adrenaline, phenylephrine
  • Protectants: Glycerin, hemimorphite, Zn oxide, aluminum hydrated oxide gel.
  • Astrigents: hemimorphite, Zn oxide.
  • Antiseptics: boracic acid
  • Analgesics
  • Corticosteroids: cortisol
  • Surgery: Haemorrhoidectomy, Rubber set ligation, injection.

P2 ( degree Celsius ) List the common side effects with each of the interventions named in P2 ( B )

  1. Side effects of alkalizers drugs: Diarrhoea, silica-based nephritic rocks on long term intervention, aluminum incorporating alkalizers may be cloging.
  2. H2-blocker drugs side effects: Diarrhoea, concern, giddiness, roseola, fatigue, alopecia, seldom tachycardia, anorexia, cholestatic icterus, interstitial pneumonia, anxety, insomnia, dry oral cavity, gustatory sensation perturbation, sudating, alopecia, vasculitis.
  3. Proton Pump Inhibitors drugs side effects: Nausea, purging, abdominal hurting, flatulency, diarrhea, irregularity, concern, dry oral cavity, peripheral odema, giddiness, sleep perturbation, weariness, par-aesthesia, arthralgia, myodynia, roseola, pruritus, other side effects are really seldom stomatitis, hepatitis, icterus, hypertensitivity, febrility, depression, hallucinations, confusion, gynaecomastia, Bright’s disease, blood upsets, ocular perturbation, sudating, alopecia, etc.
  4. Aminosalicylates side effects: Diarrhoea, sickness, purging, abdominal hurting, headhache, roseolas, loss of appetency, blood upsets, ataxy, sterile meningitis, dizziness, depression, oligospermia.
  5. Corticosteroids side effects: high blood pressure, Na and H2O keeping, K and Ca loss, and glucocorticsteroid side effects are diabetes osteoporosis, high dosage of corticoid can do Cushing ‘s syndrome with Moon face, acne, striae, and others and gastro-intestinal side effects are dyspepsia, abdominal distention, acute pancreatitis, oesophageal ulceration, candidasis, musculus failing, vertebral and long bone break, endocrinal effects catamenial abnormalities, amenorrhea, hirsuteness, weight addition, Neuropsychiatric effects: insomnia, schizophrenic disorder, ophthalmic effects ; glaucoma, increased intra optic force per unit area, besides skin wasting, urtication, myocardial rupture, hyperglycaemia, hiccoughs, unease, concern, vertigo etc.
  6. Stimulant laxatives: urine coloring material alteration, colic, local annoyance from suppositories.
  7. Anti-Motility drugs side effects: abdominal spasms, giddiness, sleepiness, and tegument roseolas, urtications, abdominal bloating, and paralytic intestinal obstruction.

P2 ( vitamin D ) for each of the intervention, discourse the information you would give to patients assist them utilize the intervention efficaciously.

  • Try and avoid big repast, particularly in the eventide.
  • Try eating repasts and distribute these repasts through the twenty-four hours.
  • Avoid fatty nutrients in the eventide.
  • Avoid inordinate intoxicant, tea, java, spicy nutrient
  • Stress direction or relaxation therapy
  • Regular exercising
  • Avoid sitting hunched
  • Avoid tight belts
  • Raising the caput of the bed may cut down the symptoms
  • attempt to avoid smoke if self-treatment are non working see your physician for advice.

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