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Gangs as a social Essay

Essay Topic:

In the pass 25 years, the migration of gangs have been a big problem in the United States and all over the world. 190 larger cities with the population of more than one hundred thousand and 555 smaller cities said they have notice some gang migration in there city in the pass 5 years. The reason why gangs migrate, is because they are being watched by law enforcement and in order for the gang to go on they migrate to smaller suburb type cities to recruit young kids that fill like they have nothing going for themselves or their not getting any attention at home. Female gang migrations are very uncommon, as well as Asian and White gangs. About half the cities reported that at least 60 percent of their migrations were black, 28 percent were Hispanic (juvenile justice bulletin October, 1998). Where are the places of origin of gang migration? Cities within the Los Angeles area were cited by 63 percent of the respondents. 1/3 mentioned Chicago area cites with fare fewer reporting New York and Detroit areas. About ? cited the city of Los Angeles (rather than the larger Los Angeles area) as their primary source of migrants, Chicago was noted by 14 percent. Gang's primary source of migration was typically within 100 miles of the gang infested cities. Only 12 percent cited that the gangs have moved more than 1,000 miles away.A regional migration pattern, or a clustering of three or more source cities within 30 miles of each other, was evident in about ? of all cites(www.ojjdp.nejrs.org). In order to stop gang migration the community has to step in and take a stand. Creating activities for children not to get involve or hire police to do community watch. Until the communities get involved than gangs will continue to make society a living hell.
The history of gangs has been in existence for as long as there have been inhabitants of this world.The word thug dates back to India in the year 1200 AD and it refers to a gang of criminals …

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