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Games People Play Book Review Paper

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Essay on “Games People Play”

– Are you playing games with me

-! I do not play any games

-. No, you play! You’re playing the game: “I do not play any games»

The desire for commercial success has played in the destiny of this book a double role.. On the one hand it provided ideas Bern popularity, on the other – mistrust and condescending attitude of many. Reading Bern, it should be remembered that the stylistic standards of scientific papers in the West are very different from our usual academic. Many really science books written on the verge of pop psychology:. Here and “Social Psychology” Myers, and “Psychology of influence” Cialdini and others

Games People Play Book Review

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The ease of presentation creates the deceptive ease of use of the ideas of Bern in practice. Closing the book, or watch the world through the prism of roles, scripts, games. This alone, in principle useful to. But what’s next? And here’s the problem: Bern teaches very well to recognize the game and says nothing about what to do with them later. That is why the book of Bern does not find practical application in the amateurs interested in psychology (and attempts to “apply” Bern ideas generate dialogues, like the epigraph), there is no recipe and instructions. Remembering Bern, most remember “game …”, and meanwhile the main brainchild of Bern (which includes and games) – transactional analysis (and it is quite successful Psychotherapy)

In conclusion, the Berne himself. and he described the people who provided him with the book “a sad popularity.” Read the description of the game “Psychologist” – this is it … Or maybe it’s even you ?

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