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Funeration Essay

I have known many people who went to war and I have heard a lot of stories aboutwars. In those wars, many persons fought and died in battles to defend their beliefs. After consequences of a major battle, a person's spiritis as shattered and broken as the bodies of those that were slain.The United States went through wars and are still going through wars such as war on Afghanistan and Iraq.
Pericles' Funeral Oration was a speech given by Pericles in honor of those who had died during the war. Pericles'sFuneral Speech has been thousands of years sincemanyissues ofhis speechstill applytoday. One issue I am going to talk about Pericles's speechis Democracy. Greece was thefirst country who started Democracy during earlier times.Thus, I see thatthe democracyin Athenian times is very similar to what is used in the United States today. Specifically, Athenian democracy contrasts with U.S.system.It showed in the history that the democracy was unique and held as a model for other countriesto follow.
Pericles's funeral oration reveals a lot of information about the greatest Ancient Greek empire. In my opinion, It reflects upon the values, culture and traditions of Athens that were popular of its times. Italso touchesme on some important aspects that are controllingthe life of people in the ancient empire, respect for ancestors, andresponsibilities for others. In addition, there are some things that loyalty, equality and fairness in treating of its citizens and neighbors as well as position of women in the society are touched to me by thisspeech. But most of all, the speech reflects upon great respect, appreciation and honor with which the whole community perceived the role of men protecting the values and heritage of their own city whichis Athens. Pericles talks abouthonoring the acts of brave men who died in the battle a

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