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Dysfunctional Family Essay Essay

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What Is the first thing that’s come Into your mind? Love? Hate? That there Is no such a thing as family? There Is no specific rule that says families should be a certain way. Every single family has problems. Therefore, there is no such thing as a completely functional family. Then, what really is a functional family? Does anybody really know? Or – may be- are we Judging something based on a model that has been created by our society?

For example: the perfect family Is where the wife stay home ND does her duties and the man of the house brings home the bacon. The perfect children are the ones who never flight; in a perfect family, the mother-in-law is a best friend with the wife. Not Just in the immediate family is there perfection, but also with the cousins, aunts and grandmothers: everybody gets along with everybody else, and nobody talks about anyone behind their backs. In the world there are different types of families, each with their own traditions, customs and values.

Each one of them has their own particular ay of thinking. This doesn’t necessarily mean this is a dysfunctional family. Actually it would be hard for us to identify what could be a dysfunctional family or not. It Is perfectly normal that females have disagreements and fights because we as humans are not perfect nor have the same way AT twinkling. I en Important thing Is Tort every memoir AT ten family to accept their mistakes and learn to respect each other’s opinions.

Functional And Dysfunctional Family

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This reminds me of the movie “Little Miss Sunshine” where the family’s elder son decides not speak a word for nine months, the uncle tries to take his own life because of a broken heart, the grandfather is a drug addict and the father does not accept Losers in the family. This is a perfect example of how each and every one of us has our own problems, opinions and ways of dealing with conflict. It shows that at the end no matter what their decisions is, the family should stay together and encourage each other paying no mind to their differences. We have learned that families are not perfect.

We should not go by the tankard of functional or dysfunctional because the real issue is not about measuring up to a standard. Since all human beings are complicated, we are bound no to get along all the time. But we must work on doing so, not only in our family circle, but also with all humanity. Family is a very important part of life: what you have forever, even after disappointments, arguments or bog fights. Good families will overcome their emotions and try to help one another. Where this is impossible, friends become the family, but may never be quite the same.

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