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From Indentured Servants to Slaves. Essay

By the beginning of the 16th century the English settlements, having established colonies
had moved more rapidly towards a stronger economical front. The increase in the demand of
crops like rice, tobacco and indigo pushed a greater need for labor in this new industry
throughout the English Colonies. The step towards development on the Western front hence
would compromise the growth of another continent in the decades to come. The reasons that
led thefirst colonists to introduce labor in the production cycle,first respecting their rights until the point where economic growth will fade the provision of rights to those servants, rebellions for rights and its cause and effect is what made the colonists move to African slaves from indentured servants in the century to unfold.
By 1600’s until 1680’s indentured servitude was the method of employment by most
planters. Virginia and Maryland had the Head right System, which provided incentives for
planters to import more workers from abroad. The ships would arrive filled with potential
indentured servants with a far-fetched hope of freedom for them. Most of the ships would
have skilled labor such as "smiths, bricklayers, shoemakers a taylor and also farmers and
other country laborers on them and would be advertised. The conditions for the passage
were disease ridden and lacked resources for those being transported. "One person receives a
place of scarcely 2 feet wide and 6 feet long. A ship could take months before arriving in
Philadelphia and that is when the odds are in their favor. On their way to the New World they
had to stop numerous times for cargo, clearance of customs and weigh their anchors before
they finally set offshore across the Atlantic for the long voyage.
Even before heading out of Old England, many of the indentured servants would
have used their resources which they would in need later on the voyage. Sickne…

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