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“Fried Green Tomatoes at the cafe,” stop “,” Review Paper

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Essay on “Fried Green Tomatoes at the cafe,” stop “,”

Are there many books that lead during the reading in some episodes of laughing out loud and shameless shed quiet tears bright in others? I think no. This book is just one of these.

It’s about love. Love earth, everyday, with a small letter “l”, but that much more poignant and touching than the Great Eternal Engrossing Reckless, etc, etc. Love, which you can only dream of. Lofty epithets are no good. About love in the book of dream Fannie Flag, it is not necessary, it is real, it is – here and now, every minute. It is commonplace. Therefore, the book is written so easy, witty, without pathos, and so light, without too much strain, despite the fact that the pain, sorrow and experiences of the characters are as real as their love.

And it’s about nostalgia. On nostalgia for the time (30-ies of the last century) and place (stop – a small town with the railway, away from urban civilization) which this simple human love is still devoid of superficial, conditional, in which it is – love without reasoning, anyone love is permissible, and who is not, for the sake of love can do, and what not. There and then human emotions are simple: a woman’s love for a woman is quite natural, it’s just love, without shame and condemnation of others, bright and clean, which is not even able to overshadow the murder; in friendship and devotion to each other people with different skin color is not bravado or beautiful magnanimity (although it is in this time and place of the issue of racism does nenadumanna); and the lack of hands does not make one another, does not affect the attitude of others, because since childhood without hesitation all call him Kultyashkoy and again his “handicap” is indicated in his nickname, and uttered aloud, we can no longer ignore it, and to love him for who he is. Although some acts of heroes ambiguous and may be condemned reader, they are easy to understand, they explained. This book is about the nostalgia for the simplicity of the human senses.

But is it really needed this nostalgia? Really simple, “no wrap” of human relations is not present? There is, says the author, just in the bustle of cities, the depression of our consciousness, we have forgotten a bit about them. Our simple human essence as if covered with a layer of protective wax. We are afraid to be natural, we are afraid to open up, to avoid becoming vulnerable. But all is not lost. We need to go back. That is why Fannie Flag, in his narrative interweaves past and present, and the stories of the elderly Mrs. Tredgud of the past help to present her young friend, Evelyn Couch find yourself lost, remember what it’s like to be a simple man, without the conventions and prejudices.

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< p> Read this book, you will not regret the time spent! A living language of the author, making tangible objects and feelings, and a fascinating story that will not let you. And besides, reading “Fried Green Tomatoes,” I’m sure you, like, Evelyn Couch, become a little better, at least for a time, back to her “real” sincere, without conditionalities. Well, the memories of this book a long time will cause you bright, a little sad, nostalgic smile.

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