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French V.S. American Revolutio Paper

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Paper type: Essay , Subject: America

Before the revolution the politics, economics, and the religion beliefs were very
different, the revolution had immediate causes and effects, the French and American
revolutions were both very different.
The society of France and America was very different before the revolutions; in
fact the both countries are different. The politics of France revolved around a monarchy.
They had kings and queens and a whole monarchy government. The people had no
freedom, everything was chosen for them every thing down to their religion and what
kind of life they will lead. The country was separated on how wealthy you are and how
much royalty you have in your blood. The poor people not only had to worry about
feeding their family or where they were going to sleep and live they also had to worry
about paying taxes to the government and the wealthy people. If you were wealthy then I
guess that you were doing ok, but in France the majority of the population was poor and
could not afford even bread, they were always looking for work. Land was owned by the
government and only wealthy people "owned" their own land the poor people couldn't
afford it and the government would not let them have land anyways. Religion was
strongly enforced on everyone, everyone who was anyone had to be the religion that the
king or queen was. Mercantilism was very big in France at the time too. America was
very different from France before the revolution. America was more free, well I would
say so since they left England to find freedom and free land. They all were more equal to
each other, the taxes were evenly spread through out the people, land was allowed to be
purchased and owned by anyone that wanted to buy the land. They had no monarchy the
"ruler" was chosen by the people. It was a representative government. The religion was

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