Europe has been the focal point in history for hundreds of years.It has been the stating and ending place of many empires.Europe in the Nineteenth Century was a very critical point in history. Wars were being fought, boundaries of countries changed, countries were becoming unified, revolutions destroyed countries, but the most critical happening that did more to shape Europe’s character and structure in the Nineteenth Century, than any other event was the era of the French Revolution and Napoleon.

The era of the French Revolution and Napoleon took place between the years of 1789 and 1850 and has impacted Europe the most in the Nineteenth Century.The French Revolution and Napoleon have had the most influence on Europe in the Nineteenth Century. The starting of this era was the French Revolution.The French Revolution was a social revolution caused by the growing middle class.The Revolution caused a change of power in the government.The power went from the kings and nobles to the people of the country.

During the revolution the Declaration of the Rights of Man was created. This declaration stated: All men are created equal, natural rights of liberty, security, property, and resistance to oppression were given to all citizens, the government existed to protect these rights, the due process of law was created, also the idea of innocent until proven guilty.These laws in the Declaration of the Rights of Man and other ideas soon spread across Europe.The French Revolution proved that the people have the ability to overthrow the government.

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This scared many countries in Europe, because other monarchies did not want to lose their power.The French Revolution showed that other countries could have a social revolution as well.The idea of the nation-state also emerged from the French Revolution.The nation-state’s general concept is that the power of the nation resides with the people of the nation. All these idea…

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