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French revolution Essay

The French Revolution brought about many changes in France in the late seventeen hundreds to the early eighteen hundreds.The revolution affected France politically, socially, and economically. Changes included ashift from absolute monarchy to trying out different types of government, politically, and socially a revolutionized social system came into effect.
The French Revolution caused many changes politically throughout France. Many other events influenced the French Revolution started. The French people wanted the rights that they felt every man was entitled to possess. Another factor in the French Revolution was the Enlightenment. The Enlightenment was a time when people started to question ideas, and used reason rather than just instinct. Instead of being told what was best for them and what was good, they started to question everything around them. Government policy and their rights, were just two things they started to take a stand and question about. The ideas of the Enlightenment were extremely fair. Due to this the majority of France were given hope from these ideas. They started demanding what they wanted to start happening or else they were going to rebel. After the American Revolution, the French people saw that it was possible to gain freedom from rebelling. The American Revolution gave them hope and faith that if they fought for their rights, they might just win too (Doc.1) The French demanded equality and freedom for all men. The French expressed the ideas of religious toleration, freedom of speech and all other basic freedoms that were never given to the members of the middle and lower classes before. (Doc 2 & 3) The writer of documents 2 and 3 had a biased opinion because he was an Enlightened thinker in France. He was one of the people who wanted freedom and equality. Now, looking at it from the point of view from a person who would be classified in the Third Estate, document 8 shows the French people's fee…

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