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The underlying causes of the French Revolution Paper

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What were the underlying causes of the French Revolution?
It has been argued by Ancient Greek Philosopher Plato that
revolutions can be a result of abreakdown of consensus in the
ruling class, such countries as France, Russia and China are all
goodparadigms of this particular theory.
The course of a revolution usually comes into effect due to two
types of causes ; preconditions and precipitants. This is a
structural approach and is in contrast with Plato’s theory which
supports that “the economic and social structure of France had
greatly outgrown her political and governmental system” 1. These are
the preconditions of the French Revolution.
The precipitants can be associated with historical accidents,
special operations and specific events, such as the storming the
Royal Prison, The Bastille in July 14th of 1789 which was inspired
by the National Assembly,and symbolizes the people of France
marking the beginning of the revolutionary spirit. These particular
instances provide the spark to ignite a revolution.
The climate of uncertainty was highlighted by King Louis the XVI by
various determinations in his power. Louis the XVI inherited debt
problem caused by Louis XV, his grandfather, and added to the crisis
through the expense in the American War of Independence (1775-1783),
he also appointed successive minister after minister to deal with
ThisFinancial crisis became a major determinant of Louis XVI
calling on a medieval representative institution, known as the
Estates General, not called on since 1614. This becomean
extraordinary general meeting of representatives of the three
Due to the expense of The War of American Independence, the French
government had a fiscal and budgetary crisis that required the
extension of the distribution of taxation to the nobility.
As it was in France, the nobles residing in countries such as …

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