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French and Indian War Essay

Question:After the French and Indian War, the separation of colonies from England was inevitable.To what extent do you agree?
The struggle between France and England for North American sea power and colonial rule ended by the French and Indian War. The war began in 1754 in the upper Ohio Valley.Two years later, the conflict spread to Europe where it was known as the Seven Years' War.One of the greatest battles of the war that practically ended France's power in America was the English capture of Quebec in 1759.The treaty of Paris, signed in 1763, formally ended the war in America, making Great Britain master of Canada and the lands between the Appalachian Mountains and the Mississippi River. These terms ended French power in the New World and made Great Britain supreme.Although the tensions between both England and its colonies were released, there was still no acknowledgment of any severance of the colonies from England.Proceeding the war, Britain passed new Acts, which colonists regarded as, for the most part, unbearable.These new Acts and the determination for colonial independence an!
d uniformity made the separation of the colonies from England inevitable.
Because colonists proved resistant to British control, British policies were forced to be relaxed. Even so, the colonial assemblies reluctantly continued to respond to British needs.The British Empire was in great need of organizing.With the territorial annexations of 1763, the British Empire nearly doubled in size, making it difficult to rule.Because of this, and other factors such as England's war reparations, it was necessary that Britain seek greater control over its colonies.English government made efforts to find a way to deal with its war debt, and their effort to do this was made through raising the already high taxes.According to Document C, this resolution "caused great uneasiness and constern

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