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When we hear the word “frat” it comes to our head that it’s a group of people that making something in possible and bad influence for the pupils like us. All the things around that may destruct our surveies. And we are all familiar to this because it is widely known for different name of groups of people who are organized it. And we are besides cognizant to the consequence of it due to the intelligence about what happened to the member of this group that is being abused.

And some are died because they can non last to what they are making. And this is normally happen in different schools that have a large population of pupil merely like universities. Because the frat members can non easy notice if they were involve. due to many pupils in that topographic point. Not merely like in the school which has fewer Numberss of pupils is really noticeable when there is a fraternity.

The word fraternity came from the Latin word “frater” which means “brother” otherwise is a brotherhood. though the term sometimes connotes a distinguishable or formal organisation and a secret society. A fraternity is a male-only association with members who are linked by common involvements of some signifier or another. .

Peoples who wish to fall in typically take part in activities which take topographic point over the class of a hebdomad at the start of a semester. Since most colleges with a fraternity system have multiple fraternities. these events normally take topographic point during the same hebdomad at all fraternities.

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leting people to research all their options. This period is known as “rush week” . After first-come-first-serve hebdomad. current members of the fraternity decide which members should be voted in. Traditionally. new pledges participate in an induction ceremonial which has historically been accompanied by hazing challenges.

Due to concerns about the hazards of hazing challenges which involve unsafe activities and imbibing. many colleges have explicitly banned hazing in the involvement of pupil safety. Some colleges have besides cracked down on fraternity parties in response to ailments from other pupils and the environing community. Membership in a fraternity can confabulate many advantages. It is non uncommon for fraternities to keep living quarters and private nines which are merely unfastened to their members. Particular scholarships may be available. and fraternity rank can be used for networking which will be valuable subsequently in life. Many people besides enjoy the brotherhood which comes with fraternity rank.

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The old apprehension was that it was typical for a fraternity to be all-men group while sorority was all-women group. However. there is such thing as a sister sorority or a brother fraternity. While in theory they are separate organisations. but in pattern they are one. They believe in the same rules. They pattern the same tradition and they have the same mission. vision and methods of work. As such. there is a good ground to unite the fraternity and sorority to unite the organisations. However. long clip ago. there were already fraternities who accepted female members who were extremely qualified to the criterions of the fraternity. This happened in I?AE at Central Mindanao University. Musuan Bukidon. Philippines in 1966. This resulted to a mixed-sex organisation. Then in the ulterior old ages. there were unifying of the brother-sister organisations. But in some instances. the sorority is absorbed by the fraternity instead than merged. therefore retaining the name of the latter. There are patterns in the fraternity/sororities that merely the members are privileged of take parting and/or basking them.

These patterns are traditions that the organisations are keeping which are by and large symbolic in nature but are closely guarded with exclusivity. In add-on to the naming of brod or sis. there are the watchwords. vocals. special/exclusive handshakings. tattoos. slogan. usage of badge or pin. frat spine. or even a frat whistling. colourss. flag. flowers. or seal. It has a slogan to show the ideals of the fraternity or sorority. They are really important to the organisation. They remind them of their pledge of commitment to the brethren. Some Greek-letter organisations have acquired juridical personality to conform to local legal law. This had widened the positions of the organisations to prosecute and/or participate in some public enterprises necessitating licenses and/or licences. For illustration. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity “Philippines” is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission under Registration No. CN200429554.

In a simple linguistic communication one joins a fraternity/sorority because he/she believes it is good for him/her. and he/she likes to be one of its members. Virtually. common sense will state us that we would merely voluntarily fall in an organisation if it is good to us. And if we do non like the members of that organisation we would non besides voluntarily fall in. more so if new entrants would endure in the procedure of fall ining like induction and hazing. The North-American Inter fraternity Council ( NAIFC ) as posted in the cyberspace suggested to see some of the ways Greek life can positively act upon your college calling and the remainder of your life. The first manner is to be successful in life which means desiring to make good academically. to graduate on clip and happen a good occupation. and to hold wise mans and friends to assist me develop as a pupil and as a individual.

This is possible because fraternities/sororities stress academic excellence and many alumnas members can assist occupation arrangement. The 2nd manner where your life can be influenced positively harmonizing to NAIFC is to be a better individual. This means desiring to be a leader. to work efficaciously and to face inappropriate behaviour. to larn to interact socially. and to be a responsible individual among other things. The 3rd manner is to organize womb-to-tomb friendly relationship. This means desiring to happen a close-knit of friends assisting one another with common values and involvement. When I started college in 1962 I was a lone wolf. even introvert. and had ne’er been involved in extra-curricular activities. Then I joined a fraternity in 1966. and I became a campus figure. The 4th manner where your life can be influenced positively harmonizing to NAIFC is to hold fun in college.

This means desiring to take part in campus events. to hold emphasis alleviating activities. and run into new people making new things. Before I joined a fraternity. pupil life was truly deadening. All surveies without drama. I was good in faculty members but really hapless in political relations. I was really hapless in leading and human dealingss. After I joined a fraternity I became the president of two major campus organisations. the News Editor of the school organ. the Editor-in-Chief of the Annual Yearbook. and was appointed as the Secretary of the Department of Internal and External Information of the Executive Branch of the Student Body Organization. In add-on to the predating study of NAIFC. Cesar Gonzales. a Daily Titan Staff Writer in his article posted at the Internet on December 11. 2009 corroborated the same by stating that. Being in a fraternity builds friendly relationship and character.

Rightly said ; in fact this is a familiar statement one will hear when person is asked why he/she joined a fraternity or sorority. But his thought that one joined a fraternity to acquire the full college experience and to hold merriment and run into new people to be able to populate the college life needs farther account. I rather agree with the thought but I have some reserves. In fact the members that I met for the first clip became my brothers and sisters ; non merely friends. But fraternity work is non all for merriment. It is possible that Greek-letter organisations vary in aims. mission. vision. and methods of work. But I’m certain that many fraternities/sororities consider rank a lifetime committedness of constructing a wholesome household characterized by love and integrity. Loving is non ever for merriment. Most frequently than non. it is denying oneself in order to execute service.

Loving person is accepting a duty. Anyway. one time you’re a member of a fraternity/sorority. you are expected to take part in many events like meetings. conferences. seminars and other clip devouring committednesss. And there are of these organisations that conduct group surveies and reappraisal for term scrutiny. Of class there are fun-related activities like parties. field daies. jaunts or athleticss. But ever the intent is acquiring to cognize you. In some ways. being a fraternity or sorority member is more like of taking a lifestyle than merely for leisure. To be a good member one has to be willing and available for these events. But many people have the incorrect impression that fraternity or sorority life is all about partying. So unluckily. negative stereotypes about fraternity/sorority life are abundant and fellow pupils. even friends will judge you cruelly because of your rank. This is hence a existent challenge to Greek-letter organisations to turn out otherwise.

There are fraternities/sororities that academic accomplishment among other things is a serious concern. Their attitudes towards analyzing and run intoing high pedant records are really positive. So. when you have this sort of fraternity/sorority. the feeling that fall ining these organisations would eat up your clip and consequence to the disregard of your surveies is non at all a sweeping statement. In fact most fraternities/sororities I knew require that those who would come in plighting must hold no neglecting classs. The advantages of fall ining a fraternity or sorority was besides emphasized by Harlan Cohen in his article Greek Life posted on September 24. 2007 that there are chances for leading one time you join this sort of organisation. He said that so much of Grecian life is about accomplishment and leading and the pupils who make up the largest per centum of leaders on campuses are Greeks.

I agree with all of these. I will unwrap latter that all of the establishing members of my fraternity occupied top ranking elected and appointed places in the pupil organic structure organisation and were leaders in civic and societal organisations in the campus. But Cohen on the other manus besides enumerated the disadvantages in fall ining a fraternity/sorority. One is clip committedness that competes with survey clip that the student’s classs may endure. This contradicts to the aim of academic excellence of a fraternity/sorority. Cohen farther said that another disadvantage of fall ining a fraternity/sorority is money. indicating out that there can be an atrocious batch of incidental disbursals. Actually. this is non true to all fraternities. In my fraternity and sister sorority. our fiscal duty was merely one peso per hebdomad.

Then. Cohen besides said that there is besides that danger of exposing oneself to enticements of sex and intoxicant. This is possible. but the truth is deficiency of morality and indulging to frailties can go on to anybody ; member or non member to these organisations. It depends on the individual. Possibly bad company. or hapless household upbringing. or deficiency of supplications can be one of the causes. But it is non by and large correct to impute the bad luck to the fraternity or sorority. Coming to college is one of the major life alterations that your boy or girl will travel through. Joining a fraternity or sorority chapter will assist do the passage easier. Developing womb-to-tomb friendly relationships with the members in their chapter helps do the campus seem smaller. For many members. these chapters become a place off from place. In add-on to the brotherhood/sisterhood. every chapter is dedicated to heightening leading. scholarship. and philanthropy/community service.

These ideals form the foundation of the fraternity and sorority experience. and are upheld within a civilization of support and growing through academic support plans. leading preparation and hands-on experience. educational workshops. societal events and undertakings for community service and philanthropic gift. In my instance I co-founded Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity-Philippines to set up support system among technology pupils in order to complete the class on clip and base on balls successfully the Board Examination. In add-on to our concern for high academic public presentation. we besides wanted to larn leading in campus organisations and other extra-curricular activities.

And since I didn’t like the patterns of the bing fraternity in the campus. we decided to organize a new fraternity that will transport out our beliefs. inspirations and ideals. So the issue of disbursals. clip for analyzing. alcohol addiction. or even acquiring involve with the opposite sex were ne’er a concern in the organisation. It was earlier mentioned that rank to these organisations is lifetime. Hence. after graduation the alumnas members carry with them the rights and benefits of rank.

That’s why in her article posted in the website October 16. 2006 entitled Grecian Life: Advantages. Naomi Rockler Gladen said that “When you’re looking for a occupation a few old ages from now. your accomplishment set frequently is non every bit of import as your connexions. This is unfortunate. but it’s a world. Grecian rank is a great manner to link with people. both in your pledge category and through members who have graduated and joined the on the job universe. I know of a esteemed private corporation in Manila. Philippines that is owned by a member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon where all the employees ; supervisors and rank-and-files belong to the same fraternity.

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