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Franklin’s Importance to the Revolution Essay

When thinking of Benjamin Franklin, it is difficult to imagine any other man who has performed greater deeds for the United States. He was instrumental in the creation of the very document that led to the birth of our nation, the Articles of Confederation. Working behind those who were younger and more ambitious, he influenced and assisted the Founding Fathers who wrote such documents as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States. He was an invaluable emissary to France, as he secured their aid in the colonies; fight for freedom. Despite rarely taking center stage at any particular event, no other individual was more involved in the birth of our nation. Therefore, Benjamin Franklin was, overall, the most important Founding Father during America;s Revolution.
As in many facets of life, Franklin was far ahead of his time. Consider his proposed ;Plan of Union;. Presented at the Albany Congress of 1754, his plan tried to bring the thirteen colonies together in what he called, ;one general government.; Under Franklin;s plan, each colony would send delegates to a ;Grand Council; that could levy taxes, raise troops and regulate trade. Despite the Congress; passing of Franklin;s plan, neither the people of the colonies nor Great Britain paid much attention. In response to the people;s indifference, Franklin stated that, ;Everyone cries a union is absolutely necessary, but when it comes to the manner and of form of the union, [they are] perfectly distracted; (Statesman, NP). Years later, however, the Plan of Union would influence the Articles of Confederation, in spite of the fact that in its original form, Franklin;s plan would have been more effective than the Articles as it allowed for the government to levy taxes. For the most part, it!
was the lack of this ability to tax that led to the fall of the Articles, showing how Franklin …

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