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Franklin D Roosevelt Essay

On January 30, 1882 in Hyde Park, New York Franklin Delano Roosevelt was born.
Franklin’s father, was a prosperous railroad official and landowner(Lawson 25). His
the Netherlands, were succes Roosevelt learned from private tutors, not going to school
already studied German, Latin and French by the time he had started school(Freidel 6).
collecting were among his hobbies. On his In 1896, at the age of fourteen his parents
Massachusetts, to a private, boys only, boarding school. He was not very popular
respected by his peers and was never the object of pranks pulled by the ol From there,
Harvard in 1900. There too Roosevelt remained an average student, making it through
time(Hacker 19). At Harvard, his social activities took preference over his academic
graduated from Harvard and entered the Columbia Law School. He dropped out in his
York bar examination(Hacker 24). Soon after, Roosevelt started practicing law with a
While still in law school, Roosevelt met Anna Eleanor Roosevelt a distant cousin, only a
him(Alsop 28). They were married on St. Patrick’s day, March 17th, 1905(Freidel 13).
was twenty-one. Her fathe A few years later in 1910, Roosevelt accepted the
Democratic nomination for the New York
State Senate(Freidel 17). He won the elections, and in the following January he entered
twenty-eight(Freidel 18). Later in 1912 he ra In July of 1921, while vacationing at
with his children. One day, they saw, what appeared to be a forest fire, on a nearby

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