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Empathy is not simply a matter of trying to imagine what others are going through, but having the will to muster enough courage to do something about it. In a way, empathy is predicated upon hope . ” ? Cornel West Every human being is born in this world with the basic instincts to be able to understand one another and imagine what others are going through. Some of us are lucky enough to recognize this natural in built power we posses and magnify it to the fullest .

We not only put ourselves in their shoes but we also help them feel better while walking in their own.

Essay Example on Frankie And Alice

It is the capacity we have to recognize emotions that are being experienced by another. According to me one is fortunate if they have been able to master this emotion and have had the courage to be selfless, with the desire to help another without thinking of what the circumstances may lead to be.

It’s not an easy task to come forward and have this selfless ability to help another with obstacles that are coming in their way of living a peaceful life, but we all can surely ark towards it and take an initiative everyday to make life a less of a misery for someone whose life may seem like a mess.

We as teenagers are young and brimming with immense amounts of emotions and feelings we are emotionally fragile but yet we have the innocence to help one and other without thinking about are gain though sometimes we get carried away.

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We are around people that are the same age as us, who are facing the same dilemmas and problems as we feel hence we easily feel empathy for one and other but we often hesitate to help them strive from their weaknesses, as we are too engrossed in our own.

One must know that the best way to overcome your problem is by helping another overcome theirs. Its not Just enough to feel somebody pain, as it will only make difference when we actually help them to overcome it. This is the power we have been blessed with. We are born with an ability to hope for good and act accordingly. We cannot use this for our benefit at all mimes and be selfish with the excuse that we are too busy looking for great things for ourselves.

We need to move beyond our needs and make a difference that will leave an impact which will last forever. We need to focus more on being good human beings and inculcating true morals that will helps us on the long run. In life when we do something great for someone we shall feel incredible as we could make a difference to someone and help them pull through a hard time. Don’t make empathy an emotion we all express but an action we all execute.

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