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Frank Capra: The Name Above Th Essay

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Frank Capra: The Name Above The Title
The name above the title is a very successful name for this amazing autobiography of Frank Capra. Both the book and the director deserve to be well – known, widely recognized, and respected. Frank Capra wrote this book about himself and to my mind this is one of the best autobiographies ever written.
It took Capra about three years to write these six hundred pages and every page is worth reading, while it tells a fascinating story of a poor immigrant Italian boy who played a decisive role in the history of the film industry. The book traces Capra's ways starting from the silent cinema era and hisfirst steps in the world of Hollywood all the way up to the golden age of American cinematography.
Frank Capra managed to tell a very moving personal story of a man who worked with such celebrities as Chaplin, and Keaton, shot films with Gary Grant, Frank Sinatra, Clark Gable and Bette Davis as well as who made "It Happened One Night", "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town", "You Can't Take It With You," and many other movies, which were watched then, are watched now, and will most likely be watched by the next generation. He was a prominent documentary filmmaker as well.
What is remarkable about this book is that this is a kind of revelation of a good man, and a generous man who was always willing to help others. It was Capra who took care that a young promising cartoonist wouldn't be dropped out from the Columbia payroll. The name of this cartoonist was Walt Disney. Who knows what would have happened to Mr. Disney is it wasn't for Frank Capra.
It was Capra who participated in World War II and saw all the horrors of it. In his book he managed to tell such anecdotes about this terrifying period of his life, which will make you make you want to burst out laughing. He said some funny things in this book! When you read a bit later about

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