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Frackville’s Historical Geography Essay

From the chopping down of trees or removal of swamp land, to the building of many houses and the installation of major roadways, Frackville;s geography has changed dramatically throughout its existence. The town lies on top of a mountain in the northwestern part of Schuylkill County, which is in the northeast region of the United Sates.Since being a part of the northeastern region of the U.S. Frackville is in a temperate climate zone, other physical features include a few ponds and streams and a good bit of forested land.Residents of the community have to adapt to all kinds of weather since they live in a temperate climate zone, some adaptations include: basic clothing wear for all kinds of temperatures and climates, the architecture of their house (not only has to be able to keep you warm and have sufficient roofing for snowfalls in winter, but also has to have proper installation for hot summer days), and also people just need to adapt their minds to know what to do with their surrounding environment.
The town itself had started off being mostly a forested area with a few acres of swamps here and there but within its 125 year existence has changed into a town of sprawling houses, businesses, and afew industries.There have been many changes done to the borough;s land in recent and past years, some of which were good and some of which were realized to be mistakes.The construction of Interstate 81 through Frackville has brought many bright spots for the town, even though the removal of large amounts of forested area was necessary, such as: business had an uprising just off the Interstate because of travelers stopping, this earned a great deal of money, it also was a main factor in the building of the Schuylkill Mall which is a popular stop for many people, and it gave local people an easier way of traveling far distances.In the instance of the Interstate, the removal of the forest was for the good, but people in…

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