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Greek Mythology Essay Paper

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Have you ever wondered where the saying, “Between a rock and a hard place comes from?” Well, the Greek culture answers that question and many more about the American culture and the Greeks’. The Greeks gave Americans a lot of our language and beliefs, and by reading some Greek mythology, you can learn what all they had to offer. The definition of a myth is an attempt to explain the unexplainable. A myth has so much to offer, it shows the history, values, and the beliefs about the natural and supernatural.

First is history, in mythology, people were created when created a man, named Prometheus, from dust. Well, gave man the ability to stand upright and also gave him fire. Well this made mad; and the punishment was a woman named Pandora, who was the first woman created. She carried around a box and was not supposed to open it. Well one day, her curiosity got to her, and she opened the box. Out of the box came the evils that still fill the world today. One can see the parallel between christianity’s creation story and this one. Another story about history is that of the Trojan War. It was set in Troy, and was an epic battle that lasted ten years. The story of one man’s journey to and from this war, Odysseus, is told in the story The Odyssey. Many things can be learned from this story and will be shown in the next few paragraphs.

Rock And A Hard Place Greek Mythology

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Second are values, which are things that a culture honors. Here are some values that the Greeks honored and the stories that told them: Curiosity can be dangerous, from Prometheus and Pandora, because of Pandora’s curiosity evil was let into the world. Choices equal consequenses and jealousy equals selfishness, from Medusa, because the king was so jealous and wanted Perseus’ mother he ended up dying. Obeying your parents or following wise advice, from Daedalus and Icarus, because if Icarus would have listened to his father, he wouldn’ have died.

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