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Footwear Analysis Paper

“Gladiator silhouettes make a triumphant return to the runways on catwalks across the globe. Intricately woven, criss-crossed and laced upper patterns make their way to or above the knee for a progressive look. Single sole constructions boast open toe lasts, while closed, pointed toe vamps sit atop sensible platforms to create balance. Sandal silhouettes with lacing details and fringe for flair. ” -Stlyesight Buyers definition: A criss- crossed, interconnected, laced, linked, tied shoe creating an effect of a rugged old fighters shoe back in the times of the roman empire.

The History of this trend: Once set by Alexander the great as a creation of various styles with defined uses, gladiator shoes were created with functions and tasks in mind. According to doloresmonet. com around the 4th century BCE when the age of increased wealth was upon the Roman Empire certain activities and life style changes were acquired. These changes brought about a necessary need for the creation of various sandal styles. The law put in place by Alexander the great was simply to wear the various acquired styles when there was a specific occasion or situational expectation.

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The sandals came about with an intention of conformability, flexibility, durableness, and could fill the basic facets of protection to the foot. The shoes purpose was to be in a hotter climate with dry and not particularly comforting weather. The shoe was made to be worn on rocky, flat, or hilly terrain and had the purpose of protecting from poisonous insects, stones, and burning the soles of the feet. The openness also allowed for cooling of the feet and allowed for more movement of the toes and arch of the foot.

These shoes developed into various styles by Alexander the great however there were certain persons that the original purpose of the gladiator shoe was created for. The gladiators, for whom the shoes name came from, were men whom were trained to fight. Typically poor and on the lower rank in class these men would fight in battles, for entertainment, and for protection to stay alive. The shoes were viewed at warrior attire and took that name on until the shoe was later developed and reconfigured; becoming a popular fashion trend. The population of the ancient empire turned the traditions of ancient Greece into fashion statements.

The customs of the warriors in battle and the entertainment turned into honor and tradition. Now days we support and honor that tradition through out fashion statements and industries. The current age of ancient fashion is most popular thought he means of the footwear. Gladiator shoes as stated by wordpress. com is “As a symbol to let us not forget the rich and vivid history of the Romans, to Gladiator Sandals define strength and power which will never go out of style and fashion. ” This statement has recently been a relatable and relevant statement for the new ancient footwear trend.

Where the trend is today: The trend has been developed, tweaked, updated, upgraded, continuously and progressively become one of the most recognized and popular trends for over 4 years. The gladiator shoe trend is picking up and has been increasingly popular since the boom of the ancient roman movie kick, as well as the historic film’s and TV shows over the past few years. The sexy stylish trend of the ancient sandal has been kicked into gear since movies like 300, Gladiator, The eagle of the 9th, Centurion, King Arthur, and shows like Spartacus, Rome and many more.

With the inspiration of the movie and celebrity style this new trend continues to prosper. For instance, a New York Times article says, “Sarah Jessica Parker wore their white ankle boots in the first “Sex and the City” movie. Their gladiator sandals were so popular that in 2010 Vogue. com declared, “Every summer is the season of the Sigerson Morrison sandal. ” This gladiator sandal was first seen in an extreme manor in a runway collection, first seen in Michael Kors’ Spring 2012 collection but didn’t quite make it for the population of sandal lovers.

Michael Kors version of the shoe almost did look like something a Roman gladiator would be sporting. The one unifying quality shared across the designer’s collection was how strong and powerful looking the shoes were. In Spring 2013 the sandal has been seen in the collections of Joseph Altuzarra, Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler, as well as many more trying to catch up on the latest high fashion trends. Some designers who are looking for a less extreme version of the gladiator shoe are leaning more towards the creation of a shoe that has more of the buckling and low healed ankle boot sandal style.

These designers include some such as Anna Sui and Derek. This ancient acquired shoe has become a very versatile style. Being seen in both flat and high-heeled styles, a variety of shapes, and lengths ranging from ankle to over the knee. Made out of everything from leather to plastic, to elastic, to fabric, to metal, to rope. The gladiator has continued to upgrade and become increasingly popular in today’s society however an upcoming caught on trend has occurred, and will been seen throughout the spring/summer of 2013. That trend is the gladiator heal.

Where the trend is going: From the basic’s to incorporating different fabric’s weaving, linking, tying, notching, braiding, extending the shoes detailing from ankle to mid calf, to knee high, this trend continues to accommodate new incorporations and acquires new assets to improve it’s qualities and inspirations. The latest caught on trend within the gladiator style and is soon to be the new fab of summer fashion 2013. The heal gladiator shoe. Adding a heal, making it flat, mid and stiletto these are the new sexy summer trends. Bringing out a sexual appeal.

The shoe has even turned to a different audience this 2013 spring/summer. Besides children having a variety of options on styles the gladiator shoe has turned to a new crowd according to WWD article shown by one reporter in the Men’s top Ten Spring 2013 article the mens gladiator sandal is on the rise. Seen from designers such as Calvin Klein, Paul smith and Prada to mention a few, the men’s sandal is coming to the top in rugged, and sleek men’s spring/ summer wear. 1. ?Valentino studded gladiator sling back: “An updated version of the Rock stud strappy sling back, now with a Persplex trim.

”….. Valentino studded gladiator slingback: “The Rockstud shoe is reinvented with PVC and crystal studs. ”…. Gianvito Rossi for Altuzarra gladiator boot-sandal: “It’s the gladiator shoe of the season. ” Lauren Mccarthy has claimed and given valid examples of trends in her article discussing the trends for 2013 spring and summer. All of the gladiator heals mentioned on Womens Wear daily’s article by McCarthy have shown a common theme with the studded, glittery, and knee high strapped heals. The gladiator show is taking a “sexy” sort of appeal to the old historic simple shoe. Mccarthy, Lauren.

“My Library. ” Millennium Web Catalog. WWD, 19 Nov. 2012. Web. 7 Dec. 2012. 2. In the article “Social Media’s impact on 2013” by journalist Rachel Strugatz she shows buccini’s opinion about this new gladiator heal, claiming, “Buccini deemed shoes the “It” accessory for spring, from the flat fur sandals at Celine — the store ordered them in three colors (red, black and baby blue) and they will retail for $895 — to Joseph Altuzarra’s $1,600 nude-colored, knee-high gladiator boots (and although they won’t be carried at this store, Barneys New York will carry a $2,715 version).

”. Later claiming the strong appearance of the shoe as a major asset and attention grabber such as a major piece of jewelry. 3. The Nike gladiator spring/summer 2013 is even making some commotion among the designers. The sporty low wedged heal is making a statement of fashion and sportswear in one. With a similar look to a basketball shoe, Nike created a version of the gladiator sandal fit for the average sporty individual. 4. A newly hit staple is the Men’s version of the gladiator shoe.

Also coming out in spring/summer 2013 the men’s show is being played with by many designers and WWD shows a few trade journals relating to these newly intergraded designs. They make statements such as, “From gladiators to Sicilian granddads, the Italian collections drew on a range of male archetypes. Trim two-button jackets, pleated pants, leather bound footwear and featherweight coats were among key items shown over the weekend. ?”. The style of the historic, legendary warrior is being recognized through out all parts of men’s 2013 fashion. 5.

In an article by Michelle Tay, “Retailers still banking on boots Ken Downing, the fashion director of the well known department store Neiman Marcus shows his excitement for the gladiator “boot” and expresses his anxiousness of seeing all the various styles at the Spring 2013 runway show. The boot is more of a closed in version of the gladiator shoe. It is still considered a sandal style however the closed in sides and well laced style usually gives them their name “boot”. 1. Gladiator boot short laced up: Created by a British fashion designer Alexander McQueen’s gladiator sandals that first appeared in 1996.

2. Short gladiator shoes, leather braided sandals: Branched off of the 1996 pair of sandals in the gladiator style. And began to take off in stores such as lucky brand, Nordstrom, Hollister, and American eagle, aldo and more. 3. Gladiator jelly sandal: began with younger ages and kids, during the war in Europe, leather was hard to come by, and they ingeniously came up with a solution — jelly shoes. The main problem is that they are made of plastic, which makes your feet sweat; your feet cant breathe, which creates the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and funguses.

The jelly shoes were developed into a more of a gladiator sandal to give an aerated flexible style, and began to become popular 2000’s. 4. Buckle gladiator sandal: Around the time of the Sex and the City in the 2000’s the buckle was added to the gladiator “boot”/ shoe as an aesthetically pleasing aspect as well as a component that holds together. 5. The gladiator heal: The gladiator heal developed over time when the sandal began to pick up it’s popularity the designers began to play with the shoe more and more.

Having shoes similar in style to the gladiator heal it was an development based on other styles incorporated in it’s design. The first popular gladiator heals were created by Patricia Field. Patricia was a selected designer fro the film Sex in the City in 2008. She wanted to make a unique variation of the gladiator shoe with a sexual flair and she not only accomplished this but she started the trend of the gladiator heal. Why this is a significant trend: This trend continues to take the lead as on of the more talked about fashion trends in the fashion world today.

It’s historic background and unique look are bringing it to the top. The uniqueness of the style, comfort of the wear, identifiableness and eye-catching qualities pull everyone to constantly pay attention. The style continues to update and judging by past advancements to the shoe the product will only continue to establish its trend as a continuous product of rise with in the fashion industries consumer buying cycle. What this trend means and where the trend might be going? The trend is a historic staple for most designers and fashion trends.

The ongoing trend continues to revamp itself from style, to heal, to color, coordination, high, low, to even the material it’s made from. This style is continually developing into a fashion trend that is turning into a basic. The main shoe styles such as riding boots, and classic business mid- high heals, tennis shoes, and flip flops to mention a few are a few of the major trends that are unchanging and have turned into basic never diminishing trends. Gladiators are reaching their potential to become one of the “forever trends” as well.

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