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Free Agent
A player who was either not drafted or was released by another team and has cleared waivers.
End Line
The line that runs the width of the field at the back of each end zone. The end of the field at each end of the field.
Position on the offensive line. This player “snaps” the football to the quarterback or holder on kicking plays.
Chop Block
A delayed block made at or below the knees while the player being blocked is in contact with the blocker’s teammate.
A pass that is caught successfully.
Dead Ball
When a play is over, the ball is declared “dead” until the next play is started.
A new play called by the quarterback at the line of scrimmage. This is done when the quarterback doesn’t think the play called in the huddle will work against the defense seen at the line.
Area behind the line of scrimmage where the running backs usually line up.
Balanced Line
Offensive formation where there are an equal number of lineman located on either side of the center.
A defensive strategy where extra defenders are sent to rush the quarterback than the offensive line can account for.
Fair Catch
On a punt, when the receiver wants to catch the ball without being hit, they can do so by raising a hand and waving. The ball is dead at the spot of the catch and the offense starts their drive at this point.
Field Goal
A place-kick that crosses over the cross bar and between the uprights earns 3 points.
first down
The offense has 4 tries to gain at least 10 yards before needing to punt. After 10 yards or more are gained, the offense has made a first down.
Goal Line
A line across the width of the field located at each end of the field, 10 yards from each end line. When the football is advanced past this line, a touchdown is scored.
An attempt to kick the ball through the goalposts for an extra point after touchdown or a 3-point field goal.
A place-kick from a tee to start the game, half or after a score. The kickoff is done from the 30 yardline in the NFL or the 40 in high school and college.
A toss from the quarterback to the running back behind the line of scrimmage. Usually used on a sweep play.
Leader of the offense. Calls the plays in the huddle. Takes the snap from center, then either hands the football off to a running back, passes to a receiver or runs with the ball himself.
A player who returns punts or kickoffs.
Two meanings: 1) To bring down a ball carrier to the ground. 2) A position on the offensive line. There are two tackles, one on the outside of each guard.
When the a team moves the ball into the opposition’s end zone and is rewarded six points.

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