Essay on Football fever book

I fell in love with football, how then fell in love with women: suddenly, without reservation, despite the pain and destruction that carried this feeling. These words of the protagonist of the book by Nick Hornby is the best reflect the human condition, fanatically enthusiastic football. This motto is probably every fan.

Since the very madly in love with football, I read a lot, not only about the history of football, about players and teams, but also about the fans. Scarves with club symbols, flags, chants, banners – all the trappings of interpretation.

A How do you become a fan? As people come to the stadium for the first time? Why do they remain there for many years

Nick Hornby tells us a long period in the life of a hero: over twenty years (from 1968 to 1991). First teen hero comes to the match of your favorite “Arsenal”, to assert themselves, to be with his father, who left the family to throw out the energy that overwhelms him.

Year, when he first came to the stadium was a turning point in his life: his parents’ divorce, moving to a smaller house, a serious illness … And here he is on the “Highbury” sees people cohesive one idea, one passion, football. . As there was no ill

Now, everything in life is subject to the schedule of the game home team: study, work, love, communication with close relatives. Get rid of the disease is difficult. The hero is not possible, so, probably, does not want to.

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Like all of us do not want to leave childhood. And the hero revisited at the end of the book to childhood: “The only thing I was missing – it to Ian Ure tripped and fell, and his father sitting beside me on the bench, grumbled himself on the nose.”

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Essay on Football fever book
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